New York Gets Jack’d! 24 Season Premiere Live Diary – Part II

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Welcome back! It’s time for Part II of my epic 24 Season 8 premiere live blog. In case you missed Part I from last night (which covered 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm), you can check it out right here.

When we last left off, we had tallied a total body count of nine through the first two hours (nine in the first hour, zero in the second).

Here’s our cast of characters so far: In addition to “I’ve got a plane to catch” Jack Bauer, Chloe O’Brian and President A. Taylor (the A stands for Awesome), we met:

  • CTU Agent Fembot (Dana Walsh) who has a secret trailer trash past and is engaged to…
  • CTU Agent Freddie Prinze Jr.
  • NYC Director Hastings (I don’t have a nickname for him yet) UPDATE: WE HAVE A NICKNAME: CTU Chief Bubba Hunch
  • A new presidential chief of staff who may or may not be trustworthy (no nickname yet)
  • Arlo the incompetent or idiotic CTU analyst (who may or may not be a mole)
  • Level 1 Bad Guy (aka Horace Goodspeed and Triumph the Insult Comic Dog) who appears to be leading a conspiracy to assassinate…
  • President Omar Hassan of generic Islamic nation (aka Slumdog Millionaire Who Wants To Be a Millionaire Host), in town to sign a landmark peace treaty
  • President Slumdog Millionaire has been interviewed by and appears to be having dirty western thoughts about the journalist Meredith Reed (aka Jessica Stein)
  • Jessica Stein may or may not be just a decoy in the plot to assassinate President Slumdog Millionaire or actually involved.

So here we go with my live diary/would-be Tale of the Tweets for Part Two of the premiere of Day Eight of 24. Let’s get to the ass-kicking and body count, shall we?

The following takes place between the hours of 6:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.

Events occur in real time.

Disclaimer: the time-stamping is approximate. My TiVo time is not quite in sync with the official 24 clock, so there's a 2 minute margin of error.

6:03: "Decrypting" and "perimeter" in the first minute. It's already too much.

6:04: "The biometric scans all indicate that she's withholding." Oh hell yeah Jessica Stein is withholding.

6:05: Broadway and West 23rd. In Queens. Geographic accuracy not a strong suit of the show so far this season.

6:06: "I don't want to hurt you. I am just doing my job. Which is to poop on you." I'm sorry, the Triumph accent is absolutely killing me.

6:08: Jack is clearly not looking for a basketball game. Not b/c he's got other things to take care of. But because he is really really short.

6:09: Damn you Triumph. That poor policeman and his wife. Now their kid is really going to start acting out in school.

6:10: Two more bodies. Body count now at 11.

6:10: OMG. It's Herc! (Wire fans) Dom! (Entourage fans). Either way, the arrival of Dominick Lombardozzi is always welcome. Thank you 24!

6:11: Oh no you didn't just take down Jack Bauer with a taser! Herc you are a bad bad man.

6:17: I'm already bored with Fembot's whole trailer trash past storyline. Unless he has anything to do with the assassination attempt. Or there's a baby back home in the trailer.

6:19: Kevin did ask the question I asked last night: how did she get through the CTU screening process with a new identity?

6:20: Oh no she didn't give him her keys. Agent Freddie Prinze will not be pleased about this.

6:21: Why did Jessica Stein refer to President Hassan as Omar? Dead giveaway of an affair.

6:23: Tell him, Chloe! Chloe always speaks the truth. Maybe Hastings will learn this.

6:24: This is Dom and not Herc. Dom is an annoying idiot. Herc was an awesome Baltimore cop. Herc would have known not to mess with Jack Bauer.

6:26: Perimeter! Drink!

6:31: Now who wants to be a millionaire!!! I mean, let's get back to the peace negotiations.

6:32: If President Slumdog Millionaire denies the affair, then Jack is a dead man!

6:33: Oh President Slumdog Millionaire - by confirming the affair, you just saved Jack's life but lost your own.

6:34: How long until Hassan is dead? Over/under 1 hour, yes?

6:34: "Jack's phone battery may have died." Obviously Hastings doesn't know the rules of 24.  Jack's cell phone battery NEVER DIES.

6:35: Oh no! If Chloe leaves the building, she's fired. But if she doesn't, Jack will die! Well, he probably won't die, since he's the star of the show, but you know.

6:36: "Your brother will be dead before the hour is out." So that means if it happens, it's tonight. I liked Hassan.

6:40: Jack attack!!!

6:42: "Please! Innocent lives are at stake." I love the writers. So predictable.

6:43: This Arlo guy cannot be trusted. Or have I just watched too much 24?

6:44: What does incendiary mean? Oh, it means a bomb. Thanks Arlo.

6:45: Why don't you listen to Chloe? Why why why??????

6:46: So it looks like the intel wasn't fake. Or was it? I'm so confused.

6:51: Never trust the brother. Never trust the brother! Random thought: Do you think the brother is having an affair with the cold bitch of a wife?  Nah.

6:54: Jack Bauer was right? Of course Jack Bauer was right!!!!! He's Jack Bauer!

6:54: "We don't have time!" DRINK!

6:55: Agent Freddie Prinze Jr!!!!! Oh No!

6:57: Is Freddie Prinze Jr ok? Is Hassan ok? Stay tuned!

The following takes place between the hours of 7:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.

7:02: Oh thank god they're both ok. That was quite a 5 minute cliffhanger.

7:03: There is no such address as 4722 East 47th. That would be somewhere in the East River or possibly in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

7:03: Jack's Magic Satchel!

7:04: The brother is such a douche.

7:05: "They're locking down the entire area. For me to poop on!"

7:06: Outstanding use of a pen as a weapon. Jack Bauer-like. And one more to add to the body count.

7:07: OMG. Agent Freddie Prinze is awesome. And Jack Bauer is even more awesomer.

Renee Walker is back, and badder than ever! (photo from

7:08: Goodbye Triumph. And add one more to the body count. 13 total.

7:11: Renee! Renee Walker! She's back! She's badass.

7:12: I knew Triumph was just a Level One Bad Guy. There's always someone higher than the Level One Bad Guy.

7:12: And it's a Russian Jon Voight!

7:12: And it's always about delivering some package. Heh heh.

7:12: And of course it's the Russian mob. I don't think there's any other enemy around these days. Other than terrorists of course.

7:18: "We can only be betrayed by the people we trust." Truer words have never been spoken in the world of 24.

7:19: Oh come on Jack. You are so not going to Los Angeles today.

7:21: Weapons grade uranium. And President Slumdog Millionaire knows the answer. This is getting good.

7:26: Again, Chloe's got a great new haircut this season.

7:26: And while we're at it, Renee looks hot.

7:26: I hope Renee isn't too traumatized by seeing Jack again.

7:27: Yay! Another proper pronunciation of nuclear!

7:28: Weapons grade uranium. I believe we have our first WMD of the season!

7:28: And President Slumdog Millionaire has cracked the case! The uranium is ALREADY HERE IN THE U.S.!

7:29: Thanks to Jonathan, we have a new nickname for Hastings: CTU Bubba. I'm adding Hunch. So it's CTU Chief Bubba Hunch.

7:29: "Unsecured nuclear material." All eyes grow wide.

7:30: "I wouldn't be asking if it weren't important." CTU Bubba Hunch with another nominee for understatements of the year.

7:31: "I just want to say goodbye." You're not going anywhere Jack!!!!!! Yeesh.

7:32: You bet Renee is in a dark place. Just look at her eye makeup!

7:33:  So we're supposed to think that Renee tried to kill herself? Hmmm.

7:38: Why do I think we haven't seen the last of Jessica Stein?

7:41: I really don't like Agent Fembot.

7:42: And Jack is back in!!!

7:42: And Jack still can't pronounce nuclear. Dammit.

7:43: Sark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7:44: Sark! Sark! Sark! Sark!

7:45: "I want to see the rods." *giggles*

Sark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (photo from

7:45: Going to have to go back and watch that last scene again. I was still freaking out over SARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7:45: 5 hours to get the rods to the ship. So that will be in the next 5 episodes. I'm on to you, 24!

7:46: Is his younger son really suffering from radiation poisoning or is it a hoax?

7:52: Why is this white trash plot line happening? Why is this happening in the last 10 minutes of the season premiere?

7:53: Can't Fembot Agent just have him arrested and/or killed? She does work at CTU.

7:54: White Trash CTU Starbuck! Nice one Rob.

7:55: "Good behavior...with warden?" Ahahahahaha.

7:57: "I know how to get this off." Nice work, Renee.

7:58: Oh jesus h. christ I did not need to see that mess.

7:59: Ladies and Gentleman, you know you've crossed the line when even Jack Bauer is horrified.

7:59: That's why we have Renee. So that even Jack looks like he doesn't go far enough.

7:59: "THIS IS OVER!" Yup. that's right Jack. This episode is over.

And that's a wrap for hour four.

Total body count now stands at I'm not sure what right now.

See you next week!


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49 Responses to “New York Gets Jack’d! 24 Season Premiere Live Diary – Part II”

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Are you running a bit behind? I’m 20 mins in and have already seen 35 minutes of awesome.

I am starting now. I usually wait 20 minutes to take care of TiVo lag. But may need to them live live.

Geographic accuracy not a strong suit of the show so far this season.

Considering how most of the NY scenes were filmed in Canada, I’m shocked.

Also, we totally have to make this a live 24 chat/gabfest. Catch up, Amanda!

Agreed. I don’t like being so far ahead.

While it’s always good to see a Wire alum I don’t think any of the 24 writers are going to want to get pulled over by the NYPD anytime soon.

Jack could have totally taken the snitch in 1 on 1.

Chloe is like a prophet.

We don’t have time!

Oh, man. That hour just ended on all sorts of awesome.

How can a bomb that barely takes out a government sedan be expected to take out an armored limo?

Mediocre horror movie death.

Hope I’m not spoiling, but you’re almost caught up.

Oh, that was just timely.

Chloe is just the model of timely interruptions.

I ❤ Chloe.

I am now completely live.

Hooray! Female Jack Bauer is back!

Totally awesome. Renee Walker is bad ass.

Time to see just how big a badass that Renee Walker has become.

Break down? You have to break down, to be built up as a new, uber-bad ass.

Why don’t I trust President Hassan either??

It’s 24. TRUST NOBODY. Except Chloe and Jack.

Great idea to live blog it here, and not on Twitter where all the West Coasties get spoiled…

Hastings? You mean CTU Bubba Blue (that’s who he was in Forrest Gump, as in “shrimp cocktail, shrimp sandwiches, boiled shrimp, fried shrimp…etc.”)

Yeah, live Tweeting just spams everybody’s filters and ruins it for the West Coast.

Because Chloe is SO good at small talk.

Why do they put so many don’t-get-it, full-of-themselves people in charge of CTU?

Well, it is a governmental entity, so it’s probably pretty close to reality there.

Renee Walker is just awesome. I would absolutely watch a spinoff show with her. Freddie Prinze? I’m still thinking about it.

Agreed. Agent Walker rocks. Not sold on Freddie Prinze. And when do they kill off Fembot?

I swear that Freddie Prinze is sorta acting like one of the Jersey Shore kids ended up being a CTU agent. Given their apparent lax screening efforts, it wouldn’t be a big stretch.

We’ll see just how far she has to go. Lets see if she has to cut someone’s head off.

So Jack has to get back involved in the action. Wouldn’t the biggest twist being him going with CTU to reign in a rouge Renee?

Renee is going rogue/rouge! Just like Palin.

CTU Bubba did smarten up in a hurry.

Sark just made this season a legit 50% better.

OH MY GOD. SARK!!!!!!!!!

Totally!! Not as cute as I remember him though.

White Trash CTU Starbuck just slows this season down whenver she’s on my screen.

We have a winnar!

Jack had to cut a guy’s head off to get back undercover. Renee got off easy.

And that just happened. :O

One minute you think you’re going to make out with Renee, the next minute your hand is on the ground. All in a day’s work.

Hand on the ground! Hand on the ground! Lookin’ like a corpse with your hand on the ground!

That was a great line James. Thanks for stopping by.


AWESOME. Love write ups like these.

Thanks Tyler. Glad you enjoyed it. We had a blast!

You’re hilarious! So glad I found your blog.
Katie in Texas

Thanks for laughing with me. Hope to see you next week!

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