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The Yankees’ Lucky Charm: Lucky Shirt, Lucky Shoes, Lucky Jeans

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As you’ve probably already heard, this 2009 season has been pretty remarkable for me and my boys in the Bronx. In fact, when I am in attendance (and Sergio Mitre does not start – important caveat), the Yankees are undefeated in both the regular season and the playoffs. Of my 14 wins at the Stadium, 7 of those wins (that’s half!) have come in games following a loss the previous game.
Is it me? The lucky jeans? (note: they’re not Lucky brand jeans; they’re just lucky jeans, though I do have Lucky jeans, which aren’t necessary lucky. Get it?) The lucky shirt? The lucky shoes? Nobody knows for sure, but one thing we do know is that the Yankees’ excellent pitching and hitting clearly are secondary to my lucky charms.
The Legend of The Streak
I started off this season with a stunning 10-0 record at the Stadium — aka “The Streak” — before a September 15 loss (stupid Mitre) to the Blue Jays ended it. It should be noted that I was not planning to go to that game until I was offered a ticket by a friend. I knew that The Streak was in serious jeopardy (Mitre v. Halladay? this would not end well) but could not justify turning down a ticket for a game to save The Streak.
Since then, the baseball gods have rewarded me. I’m 4-0 at the Stadium, and 3-0 in the postseason (1-0 ALDS, 2-0 ALCS). As this has become a recurring theme, I put together basic information from each game I’ve attended. Oh, did I mention that I’ve also gone to see the Yankees at Seattle and Toronto this season? Yeah, I’m committed. All information courtesy of the invaluable website
*Caveat: note that I had a perfect record for as long as I did because I did not attend Opening Day at the new Yankee Stadium. You may recall (and probably want to forget) that the Yankees were unceremoniously crushed by the hapless Indians, 10-2.

Here is the evidence of my lucky charms. Anybody have an extra World Series ticket for me?


Game 1: Sunday, April 19 v. Cleveland

This game followed the infamous Bronx Massacre the day before, a 22-4 beatdown by Cleveland.
Starters: A.J. Burnett v. C. Pavano
Final score: Yankees 7, Indians 3
Win: Albaladejo
The Streak: 1-0 at the Stadium (and the first of several wins following a loss the previous game)

Game 2: Monday, May 18 v. Minnesota

This game capped a 4 game sweep of the Twins following 3 consecutive walk-off wins by the Yankees
Starters: Pettitte v. Perkins
Final score: Yankees 7, Twins 6
Win: Pettitte
Save: Coke
The Streak: 2-0 at the Stadium

Game 3: Sunday, June 7 v. Tampa Bay

Starters: Joba v. Garza
Final score: Yankees 4, Rays 3
Win: Aceves
Save: Rivera
The Streak: 3-0 at the Stadium (2nd win following a loss the previous game)
Game 4: Friday, July 3 v. Toronto
Starters: Burnett v. Tallett
Final score: Yankees 4, Rays 2
Win: Burnett
Save: Mariano
The Streak: 4-0 at the Stadium (3rd win following a loss the previous game)
Game 5: Saturday, July 18 v. Detroit
Starters: CC v. Verlander (what a match-up!)
Final score: Yankees 2, Tigers 1
Win: Sabathia
Save: Rivera
The Streak: 5-0 at the Stadium

Game 6: Sunday, July 26 v. Oakland
Starters: Mitre (NOOOOO!) v. Braden
Final score: Yankees 7, A’s 5
Win: Coke
Save: Rivera
The Streak: 6-0 at the Stadium (4th win following a loss the previous game)
Mitre did not get the win, but he started the game. And the Yankees still won

Game 7: Thursday, August 6 v. Boston
Starters: Joba v. Smoltz (this was Smoltz’s last appearance for the Red Sox)
Final score: Yankees 13, Red Sox 6
Win: Joba
The Streak: 7-0 at the Stadium

Game 8: Thursday, August 13 at Seattle
Starters: CC v. Snell
Final score: Yankees 11, Mariners 1
Win: Sabathia
The Streak: 8-0 overall (7-0 at Stadium)

Game 9: Saturday, August 15 at Seattle

Starters: Mitre v. French
Final score: Yankees 5, Mariners 2
Win: Mitre (yes, you read that right)
Save: Mariano
The Streak: 9-0 overall (7-0 at Stadium)

Game 10: Wednesday, August 26 v. Texas

Starters: Pettitte v. Holland
Final score: Yankees 9, Rangers 2
Win: Pettitte
The Streak: 10-0 overall (8-0 at Stadium) (5th win following a loss the previous game)

Game 11: Saturday, August 29 v. White Sox

Starters: Mitre v. Contreras (ayayayayay)
Final score: Yankees 10, White Sox 0
Win: Mitre (Mitre and Gaudin combined on 1 hit shutout)
The Streak: 11-0 overall (9-0 at Stadium)

Game 12: Sunday, September 6 at Toronto

Starters: Mitre v. Tallett
Final score: Bluejays 14, Yankees 8
Win: Tallett
The Streak: 11-1 overall (9-0 at Stadium).
* Streak still intact in the United States
Game 13: Sunday, September 13 v. Baltimore
Starters: CC v. Guthrie
Final score: Yankees 13, Orioles 3
Win: Sabathia
The Streak: 12-1 overall (10-0 at Stadium) (6th win following a loss the previous game)

Game 14: Tuesday, September 15 v. Toronto

Starters: Mitre v. Halladay (this was not going to end well)
Final score: Bluejays 10, Yankees 4
Win: Halladay
The Record (the Streak ended): 12-2 overall (10-1 at Stadium)

Game 15: Saturday, September 26 v. Boston

Starters: CC v, Dice-K
Final score: Yankees 3, Red Sox 0
Win: Sabathia
The Record: 13-2 overall (11-1 at Stadium)

Game 16: Friday, October 9 v. Minnesota – ALDS Game 2

Starters: AJ Burnett v. Blackburn
Final score: Yankees 4, Twins 3 – 11 innings
Win: Robertson
The Record: 14-2 overall (12-1 at Stadium)

Game 17: Friday, October 16 v. Angels – ALCS Game 1

Starters: CC v. Lackey
Final score: Yankees 4, Angels 1
Win: Sabathia
Save: Rivera
The Record: 15-2 overall (13-1 at Stadium)

Game 18: Sunday, October 25 v. Angels – ALCS Game 6 – The Clincher!
Starters: Andy Pettitte v. Joe Saunders
Final score: Yankees 5, Angels 2
Win: Andy
Save: Rivera
The Record: 16-2 overall (14-1 at Stadium) (7th win following a loss the previous game)
Pettitte was simply awesome. The Yankees got clutch hits. Mo got the 6 out save. Click here for some pictures and video from the ALCS clincher.


Game 19: Wednesday, October 28 v. Phillies – World Series Game 1
Starters: CC v. Cliff Lee
Final score: Phillies 6, Yankees 1
Win: Cliff Lee
Save: N/A – Lee pitched a complete game
The Record: 16-3 overall (14-2 at Stadium)
This is the most painful blog update. Cliff Lee was fantastic. 10 strikeouts, zero walks, one unearned run. Yankee batters (except Jeter of course) were off balance all night. He owned them.

Game 20: Thursday, October 29 v. Phillies – World Series Game 2

Starters: AJ Burnett v. Pedro Martinez
Final score: Yankee 3, Phillies 1
Win: AJ Burnett
Save: Mariano (6 out save)
The Record: 17-3 overall (15-2 at Stadium) (8th win following a loss the previous game)
I didn’t wear the original lucky shirt. I wore the new lucky shirt (it’s just like the old lucky shirt but a crew neck instead of a v-neck) which I bought at the Stadium store after the Game 1 loss. See what I did there? Turned the luck around. For more, read this.
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Tale of the Tweets: World Series Game 2

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Once again, here are all my tweets from World Series Game 2 at Yankee Stadium. Look, I do this for myself, but if you want to take a look, be my guest. Oh, in terms of the game, I’ll put together a brief recap later, but you can also check out this post from Rebecca Glass at This Purist Bleeds Pinstripes. (in which I’m mentioned a few times, ahem).  Bottom line: AJ dominated, Pedro was good but not good enough, Mariano was Mariano, Teixeira and Matsui homered, and the Yankees won 3-1. It was also my 8th win this season in a game following a loss.

Without further ado, I present the Tale of the Tweets: World Series Game 2.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your conductor. Let’s go Yankees.

Paul O’Neill throws out first pitch. Charlie Hayes delivers game ball. Yankees pulling out all the stops.

I am sitting directly behind home plate 400 level 3rd row. I can call balls and strikes from here.

Crowd alternating between Let’s Go Yankees, Derek Jeter and Who’s Your Daddy chants.

Holy cow Ibanez. I did not know he had that range. And he probably didn’t know either.

When was Pedro’s last appearance at the (old) Stadium? Game 7 2003 ALCS?

Thanks all for the Pedro info. Now let’s make him wish he’d never come back.

Mid-game change our luck tweet-up with @rebecca_glass and @bniche.

It worked!!!!!! Teixeira!!!!! Mid-game change our luck tweet-up with @rebecca_glass and @bniche.

Johnny Damon. Buzzkill.

Back at the seats for Matsui. It is all good. #yankees

Everybody in my section was on their feet for that last half inning. High fives all around. It was awesome. I love this place.

Oh man. Once again, we just went thermonuclear. (h/t @schwartzslaw)

I love Mariano Rivera. Can I just say that? Viva leverage! (@rebecca_glass)

Oh what a difference a day makes. Nobody leaving early.

On. Our. Feet.

The lucky shirt is dead. Long live the lucky shirt. Yeah baby. #yankees

Good things happen when I am at Game 2s started by AJ. Coincidence?

Yankee fan wearing a red jacket. Told him he needs to get a navy jacket for games. He laughed. And got the message.

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Tale of the Tweets: World Series Game 1

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Due to technical difficulties from the Stadium during Game 1 (the cell towers couldn’t have been overloaded, right?), I couldn’t post all my updates to Posterous, Twitter and Facebook. So, here are all my tweets during the Phillies 6-1 win over the Yankees, starting with the first optimistic post to the last.

Me, my lucky jeans, shirt, shoes and hat are all off to the Stadium for Game 1. Woo-hoo!

Dude on subway had Empire State of Mind blasting on the iPod. Definite good sign.

Yankees BP before World Series Game 1

And equal time for Phillies BP at the Stadium

Great pregame tweetup with @schwartzslaw @paulculliford @jaydestro @gcf123 @stefmara @TheBigM. Go Yankees!

I was at the last World Series game at the old Stadium and now I’m at the first Series game at the new House.

Well that was an impressive half inning for Lee. Damn.

It is cold, wet and pretty nasty out. And I really don’t care. Oh, and Rollins? This isn’t CBP.

Unfortunately, I got a perfect picture of Chase Utley crossing home plate after that home run. Grump.

I can’t twitpic from the game, so you’ll have to wait until I’ve uploaded and posted the pics.

Spotted guy in Expos hat. Took a picture for @jonahkeri and @jessespector.

I know Cliff Lee was sent to the minors 2 years ago. How was that possible?

And I have held out as long as possible. The final layer is on. And the jacket is zipped. #itscold

No photo of that Utley hr b/c I was away from my seat. And ran into a friend. Of course.

The rally peanut M&Ms have been secured.

I am still undefeated in the cap game.

I really would like to muzzle the Phillies fan behind me. STFU. Seriously. Stop. Talking.

And we’re on our feet at the Stadium for Damaso Marte. #11wordsineverthoughtidtype

Back to back Bernie sightings! Bernie in the House tonight. Much chanting and cheering ensued.


Dear girl with pink world series knit cap and pink purse fixing your hair: please step away from the sink. Thanks.

Oh dear god it’s cold up here in the 400’s. So cold I can barely type this update to say Bruney you are terrible.

Oh I would like to leave b/c I am freezing. But I do not leave games early. Period. End of story. Oh, Bruney sucks.

And Cliff Lee on the mound in the 9th to finish this mf off. Wow.

I need my 10x zoom on the camera to see Lee’s microscopic .56 postseason ERA. (Jinx?)

Hey look! Cliff Lee’s postseason ERA has ballooned to .83! [NOTE: the Yankee scoreboard showed Lee’s ERA went from .56 to .83. The run was unearned, so it should not have impacted his ERA, which I think is now .53]

I’m sorry I let you all down tonight. Clearly my lucky charms are no match for Cliff Lee’s changeup.

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Trust Trust Baby: Vanilla Ice, Chris Brogan and the Trust Summit

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Who would have thought that the words of the immortal Vanilla Ice could represent one of the breakout concepts at an intellectual gathering at the august Harvard Club? Well, bestselling author, blogger and social media guru Chris Brogan managed to pay homage to the “Ice Ice Baby” rapper when he reminded the packed house that “Stop. Collaborate. And Listen” represent fundamental concepts in the trust philosophy at the heart of the discussion at the Trust Summit breakfast.

In addition to the cameo by Vanilla Ice, this excellent panel and Q&A on October 23 featured Julien Smith, Brogan’s co-author of the bestseller Trust Agents, and Charles Green and David Maister, co-authors of The Trusted Advisor. Robin Fray Carey of Social Media Today did a fine job moderating the panel. Here are my takeaways from this extremely compelling and informative morning.

Stop. Collaborate. And listen. - Vanilla Ice

What’s Old is New
Don’t forget that business has always been based on relationships. And more importantly, the concept of trust is not new. Trust has always and will always exist and be a key component of any successful business and customer relationship. What’s changed is HOW trust is developed and the ways in which trust can be leveraged to deliver results. Social media represents the newest tool available to deliver those results. As Brogan said, “Social media is a new tool to move the needle.” And when you move the needle (i.e., increase revenues) through trust, you’ve just proven that it works. It’s not necessarily new – it’s just a modern take on an age-old concept.

Trust Agent Cover

Trust Agents

It’s Not Always About the Benjamins
Charlie Green is known for his controversial position that what Harvard Business School is teaching is “dead wrong”. He wants the business world to shift “from competition to commerce.” The single-minded corporate focus on competition and revenues needs to change. In his opinion, the true purpose of a company isn’t to make money, but to make a difference. And if you put out good products that make things better, profits will come.  Where does trust fit into this new paradigm for business?  According to Green, it’s at the very core of this philosophy: “People trust people – they don’t trust companies.”

Don’t Be Afraid to Try…and Fail
It’s another modern take on age-old adage: if at first you don’t succeed, try try again. Julien Smith exhorted the audience to make mistakes and try things out. Despite what we’ve been told, it is actually ok to screw up. Mistakes involve risk-taking. And risk-taking leads to profit. You will develop bonds along the way, thus engendering the trust at the core of the relationship. David Maister echoed this philosophy, reminding us that we’ve become risk mitigation happy, which needs to change because businesses build trust through risk. Simply put, “There is no trust without risk.”

Ask Yourself: What Kind of a Person Are You?
Are you trusted? Are you trusting? Maister reminded the audience that trust only works if you’re the kind of person who can be trusted and trusting. If you can be both, good things will happen. But remember that you need to be interested in other people (news flash!). After all, business is about personal relationships, and if you don’t like people, trust won’t work. It takes a lot of effort, but it will be worth it in the end. You want to be valuable to those you want to attract. And that applies regardless of the media, however or wherever you connect with people.  Julien Smith also focused on the human element. If everything is broken down by technology, then human relationships become the differentiator. And people are people again. Which, in case you’re wondering, is a good thing.

trusted advisor

They wrote the book

I Was Told There’d Be No Math
What role do metrics and measurements play in all of this trust talk? Each panelist agreed that we are “overquantified” and too much focus is placed on quantifiable measurement. Many of the concepts at the heart of this discussion are by their very nature unquantifiable. How do you quantify trust? How do you quantify customer intimacy? You don’t. Well, you don’t unless the trust at the core of the relationship moves the needle.

And we’ve now come full circle. And isn’t that the point?

Want more? Here are some other write-ups of the Trust Summit from Fred Abramson, Andrew Marshall,, Articu-Blog. There’s even a summary from Charles Green himself (and my post is linked!).  And if you’re on Twitter, search #trustsummit to pick up other insights from the event.

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Tales from the Inbox: NY Times Headlines – April 10, 2007 (*scroll to Sports for a good laugh)

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While cleaning out my Gmail inbox, I stumbled across the oldest NY Times email in there, from way back on April 10, 2007. Before I deleted it, I decided to take a look at this e-mail time capsule. I was surprised and amused by some of the headlines from two and a half years ago, and I thought you might be too. So please enjoy the first installment of “Tales from the Inbox”.

These are actual headlines and stories from that day (which means they describe the events of April 9, 2007). I’m not going to add any commentary, since most of the stories speak for themselves. Although I do wonder whatever happened to 2007 Masters champ Zach Johnson. Zach Johnson!

Special bonus for Yankee fans: do not, I repeat, do not miss the lead sports story by Tyler Kepner.


Huge Protect in Iraq Demands U.S. Withdraw
Tens of thousands of protesters loyal to Shiite cleric Moktada al-Sadr demanded an end to the American military presence in Iraq.

Student Lender Had Early Plans to Woo Officials
The founders of Student Loan Xpress explicitly marketed to the financial aid offices of schools to corral a bigger share of the lucrative student loan business.

High Stakes: Chavez Plays the Oil Card
A showdown between President Hugo Chávez and U.S. and European companies over key oil projects could wind up with all sides losing.

“I understand there’s no excuse for it. I’m not pretending that there is. I wish I hadn’t said it.”
DON IMUS, the radio talk show host who was suspended for two weeks for racially disparaging comments.


DNA Tests Offer Immigrants Hope or Despair
Genetic tests are forcing some immigrant families to confront unexpected and sometimes unbearable truths.

Sex Offenders Test Churches’ Core Beliefs
Sustained by the belief that embracing all comers is a living example of Christ’s love, Pilgrim United Church of Christ now faces a profound test of faith.

Bush Ties Drop in Illegal Immigration to His Policies

President Bush said that tougher enforcement and a new fence at the Mexican border had sharply reduced the influx of illegal immigrants.


U.S. Toughens Its Position on China Trade

Taking China to court over suspected trade barriers and piracy was seen as necessary to send a signal to Beijing.

Don Imus Suspended Over Racial Remarks

MSNBC said that the radio host agreed to the suspension and promised to change the tenor of his program.

Report of Talk to Take Over Bell Canada
The $45 billion takeover bid from a consortium led by a Canadian pension fund would be the largest buyout in history.


Pavano Gives the Relievers Time to Watch the Offense
The Yankees stomped the Minnesota Twins on Monday, with Bobby Abreu and Alex Rodriguez hitting homers off onetime Yankee hurler Sidney Ponson.


The Knicks’ Playoff Hopes Fade Into the Distance
With the loss, the Knicks fell four games behind Orlando for the eighth and final playoff spot, with five games to play.

Life Is About to Change for Masters Champion

In the wake of his unexpected victory, Zach Johnson will face demands, expectations and opportunities to cash in on his triumph


In a Courageous Village, Ballots Bring Bullets
Fighting terrorism means providing schools, not arms.

Making the U.N. Look Good
In the case of the Iraq war, the U.N. did much better than some institutions, notably the U.S. government.

Trash Talk Radio
Don Imus’s comments about the Scarlet Knights of Rutgers University were no surprise. But they were a new low.

The End of the Dispensable Iranian
Europe’s courts must stand up to terror against Muslims.


On April 10, 1947, Brooklyn Dodgers president Branch Rickey announced he had purchased the contract of Jackie Robinson from the Montreal Royals.

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The Aaron Boone Game: Six Years Later

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Last Friday was the six year anniversary of Aaron Boone’s walk-off home run against the Red Sox to end Game 7 and the 2003 ALCS at the Stadium on October 16, 2003. Holy frijoles (as my friend Ken Fang of Fangs Bites would say), has it really been six years? Damn time flies. Of course the Yankees haven’t won an ALCS since. But that’s not the point.

I was at the Stadium that October night, sitting in the second to last row of the Tier Reserve section behind home plate. It had been a long game (as most Yankees-Red Sox games are) and nobody had left. There were some random Red Sox fans in our section, including one girl with a cowboy hat (really? a cowboy hat? at a baseball game? come on). They may have left. I don’t really remember. The place was ready to explode when Tim Wakefield entered the game in relief (knuckleballer in relief? Yes please!) to pitch to Aaron Boone leading off the bottom of the 11th inning, tied at 5-5.

Aaron. Boone.

When Boone took his swing, and the ball headed out to left field, we all knew it was gone. The crowd went absolutely nuts. I’ve never experienced anything quite like it before or since (not even A-Rod’s game-tying home run in the bottom of the 9th of ALDS Game 2 or Mark Teixeira’s pie shot two innings later to win it). The Stadium shook. Strangers hugged strangers. High fives everywhere. Screams. Ohmygods. Holy S*&Ts abounded. This video taken by a fan in the bleachers pretty much sums it up.

If I could bottle the feeling in the Stadium at that moment – pure unadulterated joy and euphoria, mixed with just a hint of surprise and a dash of enmity (it’s the Red Sox, come on!) — I could sell it and retire a wealthy woman. It was that good.

Thanks Aaron Boone (h/t Grady Little and Tim Wakefield) for giving Yankee fans that incredible memory. I just gave myself the chills writing this post.

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Diary of a Mad Yankee Fan (or how I spent my Saturday night)

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While waiting for more pictures of my adorable new nephew Sam, I watched Yankees-Angels ALCS Game 2 at Blondie’s on the UWS. Yeah, I know you’re shocked that I was watching the game at a bar. It’s so unlike me. I did turn down tickets to the game earlier in the day. Frankly I had just finished thawing out from Friday night’s River Avenue Freezeout. And the $150 for the Game 2 ticket could be better spent on food and beverage at a warm bar. Don’t judge me. I’m just being honest.

P.S. Just got new pictures of the little guy.

Here are all my tweets during Saturday night’s thrilling (epic? Jane Heller of Confessions of a She-Fan makes a strong case) 13 inning 4-3 win.  For a complete play by play of this game, click here:

Score! Sweet seats at the bar for the game.

AJ looks like he got a hair cut but didn’t shave. Interesting choice.

Bottom of 2nd:

Ring the bell! Swish and Robbie!!!!!

My bad – that should have been Swish + Ninja Robbie!

They just played Yankees version of Mambo #5 at the bar. Ricky Ledee and Chuck Knoblauch mentioned. Holy way back machine.

Do not attempt to tweet while eating wings. Bad idea jeans.

Bottom of 3rd:

Derek Jeter you are ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!

Top of 5th:

What the what??????? Come on AJ.

Frickety frackety frack. What the hell is going on with AJ?

Boo! Go home with your damn monkeys lady.

RT @jorgearangure Vlad/AJ matchup was classic battle: guy who doesn’t know where it’s going vs guy who doesn’t know what he’s swinging at

Bottom of 5th:

They just showed Molina in the on deck circle and the entire bar went nuts. Get him out of the game.

Can anybody get us a pitch count for AJ? Many thanks.

Ok now THAT was unexpected. #joegirardiisagenius

Thanks to all for the AJ pitch count. Much appreciated.

Yankees have best record in AL when scoring first. Don’t they also have best record in AL when scoring last?

Bottom of 6th:

How many pitches did Saunders throw that inning? 5? Come on.

Top of 7th:

Oh hello brain fart Robbie Cano. We wondered when you would show up.

10th Ave Freezeout just came on at the bar. Nice.

Top of 7th:

Wow. Sit. Down. Bobby.

Oy. Stress. #yankees

Wooooooooo! Fist pump!!!!!

The bar just played God Bless America and Take Me Out to the Ball Game. We did not get YMCA.

Update: the bar is in fact playing YMCA right now. Now that is hilarious.

Top of 8th:

Did you just hear the entire bar just scream in disbelief?

And now the bar is playing Enter Sandman. It’s like being at the Stadium. Only much warmer.

Johnny Damon brings his sparkly glove two nights in a row!

Top of 9th:

Ok fine. One more time. Sit. Down. Bobby.

Bottom of 9th:

We want pie! We want pie! We want pie!

Not that I’m superstitious or anything, but I just ran out to the store to get peanut M&Ms for the bottom of the inning.

Bottom of 10th:

Peanut M&Ms go well with…PIE!

The neighborhood play applies in all neighborhoods except the Bronx apparently.

Top of 11th:

Text from a friend at the game: “Oy”. I concur.

Um, ok, so that worked out. I guess #joegirardiisagenius after all.

Bottom of 11th:

For the record, @tessafrancis totally called that HR by A-Rod five minutes earlier via text. And we also had peanut M&Ms before that at bat.

LMAO. RT @Fletch788 I really can’t believe Guzman and Gardner are batting back-to-back. Where are Clay Bellinger and Homer Bush?

Top of 12th:

Oh my god. I feel a sneezing attack coming on again. #allergictodamasomarte

Wait. Mathis is the catcher who can’t hit. Oy.

Bottom of 12th:

RT myself: We want pie! We want pie! We want pie!

Why do you want to face A-Rod????? I’m stunned.

Well that’s why they wanted to face A-Rod. So we could get a couple of f bombs on TV.

The word of the night is “baffling.” #yankees

Bottom of 13th:

Peanut M&M worked for Hairston. Now having two for Robbie.

What goes really well con pie? Leche!!!!!!

Hairston gets the pie. Bar playing NY, NY on a constant loop. The Yankees have a 2-0 series lead. And I have a new nephew. Life is good.

P.S. This game took me over the 12,000 tweet mark. Wow. Ok then.

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Aunt Amanda

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Aunt Amanda proudly and happily announces the arrival of her nephew Samuel Harris Rykoff, born October 16, 2009 at 10:06 p.m. PDT. Congratulations Becky and Eli. I love you and am so thrilled. Yay!!!!!!!!

Samuel Harris Rykoff

Samuel Harris Rykoff. October 16, 2009


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How Did I Get Here?

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Surprise! Well, actually, no surprise at all. It was inevitable. But I came at it a little backwards. Facebook started it back in 2007 and I became obsessed with status updates. So of course the next step was Twitter, since it’s like status updates on crystal meth. And then some. But then I had a revelation. I love the quick snippets of Twitter (and have become quite good at them if I do say so myself – follow me here). But what if I have something to say in more than 140 characters? What then? A blog, of course. I looked into it a little more, and well, here I am. And here it is – my first official blog post.

I wanted a home for my random thoughts, observations and photos. Sports. Yankees. TiVo. Pop Culture. Food. Beer. My nephew Sam. And who knows what else? Feel free to subscribe to find out.

This should be fun. Thanks for stopping by.


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