Tale of the Tweets: World Series Championship (and Chris Meloni) Edition

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Happy. Exhausted. Hung over. Relieved. That’s how I feel right now as I put together the final 2009 installment of the Yankees Tale of the Tweets. Why is that? Oh, because the Yankees closed out the Phillies last night at the Stadium to win Championship #27.  The boys got to Pedro Martinez early and won thanks to outstanding pitching from Andy Pettitte, Damaso Marte (yes, really!) and the great Mariano Rivera and a series-record tying 6 RBI from MVP Hideki Matsui.

Requisite disclaimer: if you’re looking for real analysis and an actual game recap, please look elsewhere, including my friends at River Avenue Blues, This Purist Bleeds Pinstripes and Yankeeist.

We (@rebecca_glass @bkabak @schwartzslaw @joepawl @larry_koestler @bniche) gathered at Blondie’s on the Upper West Side for the third straight game, along with a ton of Yankees fans. Blondie’s had a good vibe working from the start (unlike Monday night), and the team took the lead early. As the game progressed, it looked like our boys were going to close this thing out in six games.

The crowd was fired up and lots of chants (“Der-ek Jeter”, “Let’s Go Yankees!” “Andy Pettitte”, “Hip Hip Jorge!”, “MVP! MVP!”, “Who’s Your Daddy?”) erupted at the bar throughout the game. And as usual, the Blondie’s DJ played all the Yankees songs, just as if you were at the Stadium: Empire State of Mind, YMCA, God Bless America, Take Me Out to the Ball Game, I Wanna Rock, Cotton Eye Joe (unfortunately), and Enter Sandman.

After Mariano locked up yet another World Series save (there are no words to describe Mariano), they put New York New York on repeat and we sang along until we couldn’t sing any more. (Note: pictures will be posted later. I had some technical difficulties with iPhoto and thought I might have lost the pictures, but they’re fine; I just couldn’t upload them).

Without further ado, I present the Tale of the Tweets: World Series Championship (and Chris Meloni) Edition:

Just a few people at the bar for the World Series http://post.ly/BdhT

OH: At least he got good wood on it. #thatswhatshesaid

Welcome back Hideki Matsui.

What's Japanese for "Daddy"?

There is a lone Phillies fan here. Why would you come to a Yankees bar? Seriously. He’s going to be abused all night.

Come on. We’ve got to be able to hit that. #thingsthatsounddirtybutreallyarent

I’m afraid to see what Evil Stacey tweeted after that A-Rod strikeout. (@gotsu_bb)

What’s Japanese for “daddy”?

Matsui needs a new nickname. “Chichi” is daddy in Japanese. #chichi

Who was the last DH to win World Series MVP? #twitterismygoogle

Chris Meloni just walked in to the bar. No joke.

Nice to see you Detective Stabler (photo courtesy Rebecca Glass)

And I just walked by Chris Meloni (not on purpose, I swear). He is, um, super hot. Wow.

And I just high-fived Chris Meloni. Who agreed with the Daily Show that Philly fans are the douchiest.

CBS in NY has a camera at Blondie’s to film the hoopla. We might be on tv later!

Chants of MVP at the bar for Matsui. #notashock

It is now time for the Hideki Matsui MVP-eanut M&Ms.

Witnesses to the Meloni high five: @rebecca_glass @bkabak @larry_koestler @joepawl @schwartzslaw @bniche.

On our feet at the bar for Andy Pettitte. #awesomeandy

Oh no! Meg is in twitter jail! RT @YankeeMegInPHL I’m in TWITTER JAIL!!!!!!

My favorite part of a night like this is the crazies that come out in NYC.

Damaso Marte. To sneeze or not to sneeze. That is the question.

Never been so happy to hear God Bless America. 6 more baby.

Buy 6 get 7th free! RT @bkabak We just got yet another pitcher of Brooklyn. This one was on the house. Oh yeah. Free beer.

Bar going nuts to Enter Sandman.

I am not ok with the defense of Brett Gardner. #understatementsoftheyear

Looks like a helluva game between the Lakers and Rockets tonight. #waytoosoontotalkaboutnba

Reunited - and it feels so good

And the bar plays Empire State of Mind. 3 more outs. #hfs

Start spreading the news. New York Yankees 2009 World Series champs.

Bar has champagne for everybody. #classact

Next up at the bar: New York State of Mind. Seems about right.

Post World Series victory beers with @bkabak @joepawl @larry_koestler = awesome.


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