Reason #1: Why It’s So Hard to Leave LA

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My nephew Sam.

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Que Syrah Syrah: Wine Tasting in Santa Barbara County

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I was all set to do a complete blog post about my great day wine tasting with my brother Eli, my sister in law Becky and my nephew Sam on Saturday (January 2, 2010). The weather was perfect (yes, it was actually 72 degrees and sunny), and the wines from the Central Coast are wonderful. We really could not go wrong.

Wine Tasting at Zaca Mesa with Eli and Sam (photo courtesy Rebecca Stanek)

But wait – there’s more! As a bonus, this was my nephew Sam’s first wine tasting. Since Sam is 2 1/2 months old, that’s not saying much, since pretty much everything that takes place outside of Eli and Becky’s house is Sam’s first time doing anything.

So here I was all set to write about all the wines we tasted. And I couldn’t wait to use my favorite awesome wine pun: Que Syrah Syrah. But then Becky went ahead and wrote about it at their blog, The Beckyan Deli, before I had the chance.

And since I am nothing if not practical, why reinvent the wheel? Please check out Becky’s reviews of all the wines we tasted at the Zaca Mesa Vineyard and the Qupe Tasting Room in her post which you can find right here. I do want to mention that the Zaca Mesa 2006 Estate Syrah was by far our favorite wine of the day. But before you race out to buy some, you should know that it was just released three weeks ago and isn’t available anywhere except the winery.  Sorry.

Oh, one more thing. During our drive back down the coast to Santa Barbara, this is how we ended the day:

Not a bad way to end the day

It did not suck.

To see all my photos from our day of wine tasting, check them out on Flickr

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Your Daily Dose of Adorable: Happy Sam!

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My nephew really is just too cute for words.

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And now for the real Thanksgiving treat!

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Me and Sam on Thanksgiving night

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Yup. This is pretty much the epitome of adorable.

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Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

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My daily dose of adorable just arrived in the mail!

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Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

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I’ll see your adorable and raise you a super-adorable!

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This might be my favorite picture of Sam yet. Simply beyond adorable.

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More pictures of my adorable nephew Sam

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Sam awake and happy


Sam is totally conked out

Sam double fisting!


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Diary of a Mad Yankee Fan (or how I spent my Saturday night)

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While waiting for more pictures of my adorable new nephew Sam, I watched Yankees-Angels ALCS Game 2 at Blondie’s on the UWS. Yeah, I know you’re shocked that I was watching the game at a bar. It’s so unlike me. I did turn down tickets to the game earlier in the day. Frankly I had just finished thawing out from Friday night’s River Avenue Freezeout. And the $150 for the Game 2 ticket could be better spent on food and beverage at a warm bar. Don’t judge me. I’m just being honest.

P.S. Just got new pictures of the little guy.

Here are all my tweets during Saturday night’s thrilling (epic? Jane Heller of Confessions of a She-Fan makes a strong case) 13 inning 4-3 win.  For a complete play by play of this game, click here:

Score! Sweet seats at the bar for the game.

AJ looks like he got a hair cut but didn’t shave. Interesting choice.

Bottom of 2nd:

Ring the bell! Swish and Robbie!!!!!

My bad – that should have been Swish + Ninja Robbie!

They just played Yankees version of Mambo #5 at the bar. Ricky Ledee and Chuck Knoblauch mentioned. Holy way back machine.

Do not attempt to tweet while eating wings. Bad idea jeans.

Bottom of 3rd:

Derek Jeter you are ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!

Top of 5th:

What the what??????? Come on AJ.

Frickety frackety frack. What the hell is going on with AJ?

Boo! Go home with your damn monkeys lady.

RT @jorgearangure Vlad/AJ matchup was classic battle: guy who doesn’t know where it’s going vs guy who doesn’t know what he’s swinging at

Bottom of 5th:

They just showed Molina in the on deck circle and the entire bar went nuts. Get him out of the game.

Can anybody get us a pitch count for AJ? Many thanks.

Ok now THAT was unexpected. #joegirardiisagenius

Thanks to all for the AJ pitch count. Much appreciated.

Yankees have best record in AL when scoring first. Don’t they also have best record in AL when scoring last?

Bottom of 6th:

How many pitches did Saunders throw that inning? 5? Come on.

Top of 7th:

Oh hello brain fart Robbie Cano. We wondered when you would show up.

10th Ave Freezeout just came on at the bar. Nice.

Top of 7th:

Wow. Sit. Down. Bobby.

Oy. Stress. #yankees

Wooooooooo! Fist pump!!!!!

The bar just played God Bless America and Take Me Out to the Ball Game. We did not get YMCA.

Update: the bar is in fact playing YMCA right now. Now that is hilarious.

Top of 8th:

Did you just hear the entire bar just scream in disbelief?

And now the bar is playing Enter Sandman. It’s like being at the Stadium. Only much warmer.

Johnny Damon brings his sparkly glove two nights in a row!

Top of 9th:

Ok fine. One more time. Sit. Down. Bobby.

Bottom of 9th:

We want pie! We want pie! We want pie!

Not that I’m superstitious or anything, but I just ran out to the store to get peanut M&Ms for the bottom of the inning.

Bottom of 10th:

Peanut M&Ms go well with…PIE!

The neighborhood play applies in all neighborhoods except the Bronx apparently.

Top of 11th:

Text from a friend at the game: “Oy”. I concur.

Um, ok, so that worked out. I guess #joegirardiisagenius after all.

Bottom of 11th:

For the record, @tessafrancis totally called that HR by A-Rod five minutes earlier via text. And we also had peanut M&Ms before that at bat.

LMAO. RT @Fletch788 I really can’t believe Guzman and Gardner are batting back-to-back. Where are Clay Bellinger and Homer Bush?

Top of 12th:

Oh my god. I feel a sneezing attack coming on again. #allergictodamasomarte

Wait. Mathis is the catcher who can’t hit. Oy.

Bottom of 12th:

RT myself: We want pie! We want pie! We want pie!

Why do you want to face A-Rod????? I’m stunned.

Well that’s why they wanted to face A-Rod. So we could get a couple of f bombs on TV.

The word of the night is “baffling.” #yankees

Bottom of 13th:

Peanut M&M worked for Hairston. Now having two for Robbie.

What goes really well con pie? Leche!!!!!!

Hairston gets the pie. Bar playing NY, NY on a constant loop. The Yankees have a 2-0 series lead. And I have a new nephew. Life is good.

P.S. This game took me over the 12,000 tweet mark. Wow. Ok then.

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Aunt Amanda

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Aunt Amanda proudly and happily announces the arrival of her nephew Samuel Harris Rykoff, born October 16, 2009 at 10:06 p.m. PDT. Congratulations Becky and Eli. I love you and am so thrilled. Yay!!!!!!!!

Samuel Harris Rykoff

Samuel Harris Rykoff. October 16, 2009


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