Reggie Bush Bear and Beary Fitzgerald are at the bar! #yesiamafootballdork

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I’ve been to two NFL games in the past four years: Saints v. Panthers at the Superdome on December 31, 2006 and Cardinals v. Seahawks at University of Phoenix in November 2009. At each of the games, I purchased a stuffed bear representing the team’s top playmaker. It so happens that the two teams played each other in the divisional playoffs on Saturday.

So of course Reggie Bush Bear and Larry “Beary” Fitzgerald came to the bar with me.

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NFL Survivor Post-Mortem and Divisional Quick Picks

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Without survivor to play for, I just couldn’t get motivated to do a full preview and picks post. Plus I’m still devastated over losing last week thanks to Green Bay’s failure. After the come back! And winning the toss! Oy, Packers. You killed me. And everybody else for that matter. One guy picked Arizona. He won. The survivor pool is, to quote Iron Chef, “o-vah!”

Survivor Post-Mortem

1. I apologize to the Cardinals and Cardinals’ fans for not picking them last week. I say this not just because it knocked me out of the survivor pool, but because I should have picked them based on the fact that I went to a game at University of Phoenix Stadium this season. And it was an awesome crowd. And I had so much fun. Just look at this picture!

Just look at this crowd. Awesome!

2. More importantly, I really should have picked the Ravens. If you look at my pre-game preview, I was not sold on the Patriots at all. And I hate them. So I would have aligned my rooting and gambling interests. Which is always ideal. Oh well.

Divisional Quick Picks

I don’t have time to do a full pro and con breakdown for this weekend’s divisional games, but here are my quick picks:

Saints over Cardinals

  • This comes down to home field advantage. Both teams have big-play capability and are in some ways mirror images of one another.
  • The Saints are at home, the crowd will be insane, so I’m taking the Saints.
  • Also, did you see what Green Bay did to the Arizona defense last week? Yeah, me too.
  • I think they miss Boldin more this week than last. Just a hunch.
  • Caution: takeaways can disappear. Saints had 26 takeaways this season, 3rd in NFL. The Packers taught us this lesson last week. Just something to keep an eye out for.
  • P.S. I would gladly root for either Arizona or New Orleans over both Dallas and Minnesota, but alas, I have to choose.

Ravens over Colts

  • I don’t like the Colts’ lying down the last two weeks and the football gods will punish them.
  • The Colts have lost their last 3 games coming off the bye week to start the playoffs.
  • Ravens have momentum and Ray Rice.
  • Flacco is healthier.
  • Plus, the Michael Oher factor. Do not underestimate the Michael Oher/Blind Side factor
  • Also we know that Indy’s home field advantage no longer exists since they moved to the new dome.

Cowboys over Vikings

  • This hurts. A lot. I hate both teams so I would really love to see them both lose. Seeing as that’s not possible, I am picking the Cowboys. They are playing great and I think they will contain Brett Favre.
  • On a personal note, I will root for the Vikings because even though I hate He Who Shall Not Be Named, I have a lot of friends in the land of 10,000 lakes, and they love their Vikings. So Go Vikings!
  • But I’m picking the Cowboys. Sorry.
  • I need to shower I feel so dirty.

Upset special: Jets over Chargers

  • Yes, the Chargers are hot. Yes, the Chargers are at home. Yes, the Chargers are everybody’s favorite to go to the Super Bowl.
  • But I’m sticking with the recipe of great defense and great rushing. The Jets have both. The Chargers do not. Period. End of story. I said last week that great rushing and defense wins playoff games on the road. I’ll say it again.
  • And if it rains, that benefits the Jets.
  • Plus, Revis shuts down Jackson. I am worried about Antonio Gates.
  • I expect to lose this one, but might as well go with my heart.
  • I do like the Jets to cover even if they don’t win outright.

Enjoy the games and see you next week for the Conference Championships!

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Survival of the Fittest NFL Style: Week 17 Pick

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For entertainment purposes only, I’m updating my 2009 NFL survivor picks here every week. The rules are simple. Pick a team to win each week. If they win, move on. Here’s a quick recap of my strategy.

Rule #1: Focus on the Negative

Rather than focus on what teams are good, focus on what teams are bad (and in some cases, really really bad). And there are plenty of them.  St. Louis, Cleveland, Kansas City, Oakland, Tampa Bay, and Detroit.

Rule #2: Don’t Save a Team

Remember: don’t worry about “saving” a team for later. You can’t advance to the next week unless you survive this week. If there’s a sure thing involving one of the elite teams over one of the Sucky Six, take it. Don’t get eliminated because you left an elite team (i.e., New Orleans, Indy, Minnesota) on the table in hopes of using them later in the season.

I’m also keeping track of the teams I’ve used each week in a separate post.

So without further ado, here’s this week’s Survivor Pick:

Week 17

Carolina (over New Orleans)

Mark Brunell starting for the Saints? I'll take Carolina.

  • First off, I cannot believe I am making a survivor pick in Week 17. I mean, it’s the last week of the season. And I’m making a survivor pick! So, let me just say “Go me!”.
  • Second, I fully expect that this will be my last pick of the season. I can hear you snickering: but it’s the last week of the season, of course it’s your last pick. Fair enough. But my survivor pool actually continues into the playoffs! I’ll get into that next week in more detail if I make it.
  • Here are this week’s nominees: Baltimore (at Oakland), San Francisco (at St. Louis), Denver (vs. Kansas City), Carolina (vs. New Orleans), New York Jets (vs. Cincinnati)
  • I’ve already used Baltimore and San Francisco, so it’s down to Denver, Carolina and the Jets.
  • Let’s eliminate the Jets first. The game is on Sunday night and it will be effing freezing in New York (well, actually, New Jersey). I do not trust Mark Sanchez in those conditions – even if Cinci benches its starters. Sanchez has 1 TD and 8 interceptions in 2 cold weather games.
  • Now we’re down to Denver and Carolina. Earlier this week, I picked Denver without hesitation. They are in a must-win situation and hosting Kansas City, a team they already crushed once this season. And it’s Kansas City. Who is terrible.
  • But since I made that decision, here’s what’s happened in Denver: Brandon Marshall has been benched. Eddie Royal is out due to injury. And now tight end Tony Scheffler has been benched due to “attitude issues.” This is a team in total disarray. And I just don’t trust them.
  • What about Carolina? They’re hosting New Orleans, the #1 overall seed in the NFC. And a team that’s lost 2 in a row. And if you’re the Saints you don’t want to go into the playoffs on a 3 game losing streak. But 39 year old Mark Brunell is starting in place of Brees. And Pierre Thomas is out due to injury. In other words, the Saints appear to be playing to lose. And even Vegas thinks so. They’ve established the Panthers as a 7 point favorite.
  • We’re definitely in uncharted waters here. It’s Week 17 and it’s a pretty screwy situation. But I am actually taking a team that is playing the #1 overall seed in the NFC.
  • Another bonus point for taking the Panthers instead of the Broncos? The Panthers play an early game, so I’ll know by 1 p.m. PST if I’m still alive.
  • Let’s just say that tomorrow morning I’ll have Carolina on my mind.

See you next week. Or not. In either case, thanks for reading and it’s been a lot of fun.

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