Reason #1: Why It’s So Hard to Leave LA

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My nephew Sam.

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Jets-Bengals with my Dad: The Tale of the Tweets

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As many of you know, I extended my stay in LA for another few days largely so I could watch football with my Dad (and see my adorable nephew Sam). I have always been a daddy’s girl and my love of sports (and sense of humor) definitely comes from him. He’s awesome and hilarious and I love watching games with him. Since I live 3000 miles away, we don’t get to do it too often, so I wanted to take advantage of some prime playoff-watching with him yesterday.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Tale of the Tweets post, and yesterday’s Jets-Bengals wild card playoff game provided some outstanding material. I mean, with the #announcerfail and #coachingfail running rampant, how could we lose?  Without further ado, here we go:

Tom Hammond is the picture of #announcerfail

Sticking with my gut and going with the Jets.

I really really hope that doesn’t happen. Really. RT @joshqpublic: i really really really hope the jets get crushed today. really. really.

So what players went to Notre Dame or were in the Olympics? Tom Hammond knows those guys. #notannflannouncer

Tom Hammond quoting Ochocinco: “Please, child.” #tomhammondfail

The Oregon State? Ok, that was funny Ochocinco.

Wowowowowowowowowowow! Jets defense!!!!!!!!

That was a fumble. I know you need to challenge, but it will be lost.

OMG. Sanchez completed a pass! He is competent. OMG.

Joe Theisman just said Buddy Ryan would challenge. Yet another #announcerfail. Can we make that a trending topic?

We would be better off watching this game on mute. #announcerfail

Please don’t let this game come down to the Jets’ punter. And what happened to him?

Can someone please explain how Carson Palmer and Mark Sanchez went to high school together? Carson is like 8 years older.

That was an emphatic catch signal from the official. You shouldn’t challenge that.

On dear god I forgot about how terrible Braylon Edwards is. #jets

“You can’t win the game when you drop touchdown passes.” Ladies and gentlemen, my dad.

Tiki Barber: you are just terrible. This is just epic #announcerfail.

Tom Hammond: “Cotchery calls for a fair catch.” My dad: “No he didn’t!” #announcerfail

The Who is rightfully making its first Super Bowl halftime appearance ever. #becausetheyarenotrelevant

I just seriously stood up and screamed, “I love Shonn Greene!” #jets

Awww. RT @dwag29: I would rather read commentary on Jets-Bengals by @amandarykoff and her dad than listen to these jokers. #announcerfail

“WHAAAAAAAAAT???????” Me and my dad on that “illegal contact” call. #officiatingfail

BTW, Carson Palmer is also a pretty boy from Southern California. #justsaying


Consider this everyone’s formal introduction to Darrelle Shavar Revis.

Mark Sanchez is a liability and can’t pass. #liesliesdamnlies

Dad: “I would challenge that. Oh, wait. HAH!”

RT @dwag29: Tom Hammond: “And he’s ridden out of bounds! ❤ second pause> No, touchdown!” #channelingchipcaray #jets #bengals #nflplayoffs

For the record, my dad really didn’t know about Darrelle Revis. He lives in LA. They don’t get many Jets games.

#announcerfail RT @ChetRazzball: Hah! RT @NFLFanHouse: THAT WASN’T BRAD SMITH, YOU IDIOTS! #theismannistheworst

NBC only has an “F” announcing team. #announcerfail

Dad: “I seem to recall that Neil O’Donnell got a huge free agent deal w/someone and was a complete flop.” Me: “Yes, the Jets.”

Flag flies. “Holding.” In unison. #daddysgirl

You know, the Bengals don’t have a good history when it comes to injuries in playoff games.

RT @dwag29: Halftime already? These announcers are just getting warmed up! Let’s trend #announcerfail in the 2nd half. #jets #bengals

I was going to listen to the radio broadcast of the 2nd half, but I don’t want to miss out on #announcerfail.

What the hell was that Jets? And could the announcers have been less helpful? Oh nevermind. #announcerfail

How do Bears fans feel every time Benson busts out a great run?

What is up with the penalties? Terrible terrible call. #officiatingfail

My dad will confirm that I put the curse on that kick. And it worked! #jets

That was a good catch. But oh btw, Marvin Lewis, you are OUT OF CHALLENGES. #coachingfail

RT @dwag29: “The Jets… uh uh, Bengals can’t challenge’ – Tom Hammond. #announcerfail

Thomas Jones sighting! In the end zone! And if his knee was down? Well, we’ll never know.

Ooh, I see what you did there! RT @ChetRazzball: It’s not unusual to see T Jones score a TD

RT @dwag29: RT @grmeyer: #announcerfail The announcers of Jets/Bengals game are better suited for this venue:

RT @ChetRazzball: RT @NotJayCutler: I’d like to have a guy like Cedric Benson playing for the Bears.

Andre Caldwell should not be in the game. What is the medical staff thinking?

Great game plan and play calling by Schottenheimer. Brian, that is. #jets

Dad wanted to know if there was a moment of silence for Casey Johnson before the game. I don’t think so.

Oh, thanks to @stackmack, it appears that there was a moment of silence for Casey Johnson. Sad story.

Well @TheBigLead, you said it. This is the Jets. It is never over. #gack

Ok, Mark Sanchez, are you ready for your close-up?

This play calling has just been brilliant. Brian Schottenheimer!

My dad is pacing. And he’s not even a Jets fan. #tense

I put the hex on Graham again. And it worked again!!!!! #jets #bengals #kickerfail

Damn. Even Ochocinco is thinking, “I can make that kick.”

High fives all around here at Casa Rykoff. #jets

I went with my gut and it paid off. Well, actually Rex Ryan’s gut paid off. #jets

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Que Syrah Syrah: Wine Tasting in Santa Barbara County

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I was all set to do a complete blog post about my great day wine tasting with my brother Eli, my sister in law Becky and my nephew Sam on Saturday (January 2, 2010). The weather was perfect (yes, it was actually 72 degrees and sunny), and the wines from the Central Coast are wonderful. We really could not go wrong.

Wine Tasting at Zaca Mesa with Eli and Sam (photo courtesy Rebecca Stanek)

But wait – there’s more! As a bonus, this was my nephew Sam’s first wine tasting. Since Sam is 2 1/2 months old, that’s not saying much, since pretty much everything that takes place outside of Eli and Becky’s house is Sam’s first time doing anything.

So here I was all set to write about all the wines we tasted. And I couldn’t wait to use my favorite awesome wine pun: Que Syrah Syrah. But then Becky went ahead and wrote about it at their blog, The Beckyan Deli, before I had the chance.

And since I am nothing if not practical, why reinvent the wheel? Please check out Becky’s reviews of all the wines we tasted at the Zaca Mesa Vineyard and the Qupe Tasting Room in her post which you can find right here. I do want to mention that the Zaca Mesa 2006 Estate Syrah was by far our favorite wine of the day. But before you race out to buy some, you should know that it was just released three weeks ago and isn’t available anywhere except the winery.  Sorry.

Oh, one more thing. During our drive back down the coast to Santa Barbara, this is how we ended the day:

Not a bad way to end the day

It did not suck.

To see all my photos from our day of wine tasting, check them out on Flickr

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Your Daily Dose of Adorable: Happy Sam!

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My nephew really is just too cute for words.

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Thanksgiving Adorableness with Sam now available on Flickr

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Sam wishes everybody a Happy Thanksgiving

I’ve added two new sets of pictures from Thanksgiving week to my Flickr collection. The first is called (Not Quite) Thanksgiving 2009 with Sam. The second is Sam’s First Thanksgiving.

There’s a cornucopia of adorableness in there, plus some nice shots of Santa Monica. And dogs. And Thanksgiving goodness.

Collection: My Nephew Sam.

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And now for the real Thanksgiving treat!

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Me and Sam on Thanksgiving night

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Yup. This is pretty much the epitome of adorable.

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Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

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My daily dose of adorable just arrived in the mail!

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Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry

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My nephew Sam celebrates one month of adorableness today!

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As my sister-in-law Becky so eloquently puts it: Sam is now experienced at being adorable.

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Oooh! My birthday present from Becky and Eli arrived!

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Sweet new Canon all-in-one printer, scanner, copier and fax courtesy of my brother and sister-in-law. Thanks guys!

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