Survival of the Fittest NFL Style: Week 15 Pick

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For entertainment purposes only, I’m updating my 2009 NFL survivor picks here every week. The rules are simple. Pick a team to win each week. If they win, move on. Here’s a quick recap of my strategy.

Rule #1: Focus on the Negative

Rather than focus on what teams are good, focus on what teams are bad (and in some cases, really really bad). And there are plenty of them.  St. Louis, Cleveland, Kansas City, Oakland, Tampa Bay, and Detroit. If those teams (dubbed the “Sucky Six”) are not able to lose (if I’ve already picked their opponent), then consider the match-ups.  And all bets are literally off when one plays another (St. Louis v. Detroit in Week 8? No. Thank. You.)

Rule #2: Don’t Save a Team

Remember: don’t worry about “saving” a team for later. You can’t advance to the next week unless you survive this week. If there’s a sure thing involving one of the elite teams over one of the Sucky Six, take it. Don’t get eliminated because you left an elite team (i.e., New Orleans, Indy, Minnesota) on the table in hopes of using them later in the season.

I’m also keeping track of the teams I’ve used each week in a separate post.

So without further ado, here’s this week’s Survivor Pick:

Week 15

Houston (over St. Louis)

With this man at QB, all chances of a Rams win are Null

  • Here are this week’s contenders: Denver (v. Oakland), Arizona (at Detroit), Houston (at St. Louis)
  • These are three outstanding choices and I am confident that all three will win. But why Houston?
  • As bad as the Raiders are (and even with new QB Charlie Frye), I don’t like picking division rival games in survivor. And the Raiders always seem to play the Broncos tough. So Denver is out, even though they’re the only team at home.
  • Arizona is also tempting, especially since they still need to win to clinch the NFC West. And the Lions without Stafford and Smith, and with their secondary should get crushed. But they could be feisty.
  • Houston is playing the Rams. The Rams have Keith Null at QB. The Rams have swine flu. The Rams might not have Steven Jackson. And well, they’re the Rams.
  • Congratulations St. Louis. I’ve now picked against you 6 times this season. Impressive.

Thanks to everyone on Twitter who weighed in. See you next week.


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