Survival of the Fittest NFL Style: Week 14 Pick

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For entertainment purposes only, I’m updating my 2009 NFL survivor picks here every week. The rules are simple. Pick a team to win each week. If they win, move on. Of course you can’t pick the same team twice in the same regular season.  If you want to read the entire post and each week’s picks and analysis, click here.  If you don’t care (and I completely understand if you don’t, since those weeks have passed and we really should just be looking forward, right?), then here’s a quick recap of my strategy.

Rule #1: Focus on the Negative

Rather than focus on what teams are good, focus on what teams are bad (and in some cases, really really bad). And there are plenty of them.  St. Louis, Cleveland, Kansas City, Oakland, Tampa Bay, and Detroit. If those teams (dubbed the “Sucky Six”) are not able to lose (if I’ve already picked their opponent), then consider the match-ups.  And all bets are literally off when one plays another (St. Louis v. Detroit in Week 8? No. Thank. You.)

Rule #2: Don’t Save a Team

Remember: don’t worry about “saving” a team for later. You can’t advance to the next week unless you survive this week. If there’s a sure thing involving one of the elite teams over one of the Sucky Six, take it. Don’t get eliminated because you left an elite team (i.e., New Orleans, Indy, Minnesota) on the table in hopes of using them later in the season.

I’m also keeping track of the teams I’ve used each week in a separate post.

So without further ado, here’s this week’s Survivor Pick:

Week 14

Tennessee (over St. Louis)

This is the Kyle Boller we love to pick against.

  • I made this pick on Monday night, as soon as I checked the schedule. Tennessee at home against the Rams (with Kyle Boller at QB)? Sign me up.
  • Here are the other contenders: New England (v. Carolina),  Baltimore (v. Detroit), Pittsburgh (at Cleveland).
  • Why did I list Pittsburgh even though the game was already played and Pittsburgh lost? Because I would never have picked Pittsburgh, even if they were still available. I don’t like taking road teams in survivor, and division rival games are even tougher.
  • I’ve already used New England and Baltimore, so Tennessee is my survivor pick. Did I mention they are hosting the Rams?
  • If you have New England or Baltimore available, those are safe choices as well.

See you next week. I hope.


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3 Responses to “Survival of the Fittest NFL Style: Week 14 Pick”

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Amanda, wish I had seen your survival tips sooner in the year before I got knocked out. I got knocked out in week 11 (longest I have ever gone) when Oakland beat Cincy. Are you stil surviving in any leagues or do you just offer the tips.

Brad – I am still alive in my one survivor pool. These are my actual, “real-time” survivor picks.


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