25 Random Things About Me (not that you wanted or needed to know)

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I’m moving some of my Facebook notes over to the blog, since Facebook, is, well, so Facebook-y.

This was a great Facebook meme earlier this year. I wrote my 25 things on February 10, 2009.

Here goes, in no particular order:

1. My full name is Amanda Elaine Rykoff.  Each of my names has 6 letters.  Other “6-6-6” compatriots include Ronald Wilson Reagan and Dwight Eugene Gooden.  [UPDATE: And the newest addition is my adorable nephew Samuel Harris Rykoff, born October 16, 2009]. And no, I am not the devil.

2. I was born with blonde hair and blue eyes.  And had those blue eyes until I was almost two years old.  Really.

3.  I suffer from crippling TiVo stress.

4.  In 1993, I had a letter to the editor published in Sports Illustrated about SportsCenter (and my obsession with it). 15 years later, I started working at ESPN.

5.  Though I am not particularly observant, I have three friends who are Rabbis.

6.  A boy in kindergarten expressed his crush by naming his new puppy after me.

7.  I could listen to “Laid” by James over and over and over and never, ever get tired of it.

8.  In July 2001, I made it to the “hot seat” on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, and crapped out on the $32k question.  Let’s just say that I’ll never forget when the president used to take office.

9.  When listening to music on my iPod on the subway or bus, I can’t help but tap my feet (and usually lip-synch).  Sorry.

10.  “Supposably” does NOT mean the same thing as “Supposedly”.

11.  If I ever meet Manny Nosowsky in person, I’m going to give him a piece of my mind.

12.   I’m allergic to just about everything.  Especially bee stings.  And [shivers] cockroaches.

13.  I was the fastest typist in my high school typing class. Yeah, that’s right, I’m so old we took typing in high school.

14.   Man do I love french fries.

15.  My favorite pen of all time is the Uniball Vision Elite with blue/black ink.  Trust me.  And yes, I’m aware that having a favorite pen makes me an uber-dork.  Thanks.

16.  I once flew across the Atlantic for a second date.

17.  I hated Caddyshack.  There, I said it.

18.  While attending a Penn-Temple game at the old Spectrum, I talked my way into tickets to the 1993 Final Four by impressing a perfect stranger with my basketball knowledge.

19.  My father and I were actually born in the same hospital in Los Angeles.  34 years apart.

20. I will never forget the look on my grandmother’s face when I came out on stage in a full nun’s habit, complete with a huge cross, as the Reverend Mother in the Sound of Music during my senior year of high school.

21.  I had my last cup of coffee on the second day of the New York bar exam in 2000.  I’m “naturally caffeinated”.

22.  I am a sucker for a good handbag with lots of compartments.  And a key fob.  Ah, the key fob.

23.  I have freakishly fat thumbs.  When asked, I used to tell kids that they were run over by a steamroller.  And they believed me.

24.  Really bad concerts for which I have paid good money in my lifetime include A-ha and Huey Lewis and the News.

25.  It may sound cliche, but Facebook Twitter social media has literally (yes, literally) changed my life.

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I ALSO played the Reverend Mother in MY senior year of high school!

No wonder we are so cool.

Ha, I also took typing class..and didn’t even know what the internet was in high school.

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