Phoenix WordCamp 2009: Tale of the Tweets #phxwc

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If ever there was a day that needed – nay, demanded – a Tale of the Tweets, it was Phoenix WordCamp 2009.

What’s WordCamp? Only an all-day WordPress extravaganza! Picture 500 bloggers, wanna-be bloggers, vloggers, developers, programmers and WordPress enthusiasts gathered under a huge tent at the Arizona Grand Resort for all things WordPress.

Phoenix WordPress 2009

Some speakers were um, not so helpful. They shall remain nameless to protect the guilty. Some were entertaining. And some were awesome. You will undoubtedly be able to tell from the tweets which speakers were more (or less) awesome than others.

I was taking notes on my laptop and then I had the epiphany: why not share some of the highlights (and lowlights) on Twitter and then convert the whole day into an epic Tale of the Tweets? If you want to follow the entire Twitter stream for the day from everybody that was live-tweeting, search #phxwc.

My key takeaways from the day at WordCamp:

  • WordPress is freakin’ awesome and will someday rule the world
  • Be passionate about what you do
  • Be yourself and establish your voice
  • I do not know anything about coding or developing
  • The geek/tech/blog/business/marketing community in Phoenix is really really nice

Without further ado, I present the Phoenix WordCamp: Tale of the Tweets

Here’s what I’m doing today: Phoenix WordCamp. Watch the live stream at #phxwc

Question: how can you advise clients on blogs when you don’t have a blog yourself? #phxwc

I’ll be live-tweeting #phxwc, so move along if you’re not interested in any of this blogging/social media stuff.

First up is the keynote speaker: @Lorelleonwp. All about WordPress. She creates 1975 articles/year. #phxwc

Categories are the life blood of our blogs b/c they are the table of contents. #phxwc

Purpose of WordPress is about content and your voice. This isn’t news, but an important reminder. #phxwc

This is the year of original content. #phxwc

Today’s obvious statement: Learn to write to be read well. #phxwc

Sorry, but there there is no situation in which jeopardy music is appropriate. Especially at WordCamp. #phxwc

Ooh, @brianshaler is sitting a few people over from me. Hi Brian! #phxwc

Helpful hint to maximize search hits: Stop using pronouns. Start using nouns. #phxwc

If you want to get someone’s attention, show them something they’ve never seen before or show it in a way they’ve never seen before. #phxwc

Multimedia publishing powered by WordPress with @davemoyer. Go beyond the words with multimedia. #phxwc

RT @tdhurst Feels like we’re watching the presenters entertain themselves (via @katiecharland) #phxwc

To stand out, be outstanding. #phxwc

Use a plugin. Linking to download is soooo 1999. #phxwc

So WordPress is a content management system? And your site doesn’t have to look like a “blog”? #phxwc

Hey speaker guy, make sure your presentation doesn’t have spelling or grammatical errors. K. Thx. Bye. #phxwc

SEO keys: make proper tags. Title tags, description tags, keyword tags. #phxwc

Not going to lie. I am confused by this SEO presentation. Is it just me? #phxwc

Hello Phoenix WordCamp! #phxwc

Let the record reflect that @katiecharland has excellent taste in computers and jewelry. Men? Not so sure.

Amen. RT @tdhurst: Cool panel by @photomatt, @chuckreynolds and @strebel. It’s like these guys know what they’re doing. #phxwc

New plugins are coming! WordPress is taking over the world! Bwaaahaaaa. #phxwc

Me too! RT @katiecharland: Must become self-hosted on wordpress today. I want all the things being talked about (and a bad ass theme) #phxwc

Always good to get a Skynet reference in. #wordpressistakingovertheworld #phxwc

Food. Must. Have. Food. #phxwc

My lunch bag didn’t have a cookie. I got a new lunch bag. #mmmcookie #phxwc

Hate me if you want to. This is where Phoenix WordCamp is. #phxwc

I won this awesome t-shirt from @JimmyTraina. It’s perfect b/c I love Twitter giveaways and I hate the Red Sox!

Oh god help they’re doing the wave at #phxwc. I do not do the wave. Anywhere. Ever.

WordPress is changing the world! If by “changing” you mean “taking over”. Then yes, WP is changing the world. #phxwc

WordPress can help you with personal branding? #thisisnotnews #phxwc

You do business with people you trust. Hey, I think @chrisbrogan @julien and @charleshgreen might have something to say about that. #phxwc

Talking about @garyvee as the guru of personal branding. #phxwc

Look for problems and provide a solution. #duh #phxwc

Wait. I can download WordPress? And it’s constantly changing? Thanks #phxwc!

Crowdsourcing. Leverage other talents. #phxwc

Wow. Over/under on number of tweets about crowdsourcing this presentation currently at 10. Who wants the over? #phxwc

Two kinds of people: WordPress experts and people who need a WordPress expert. #phxwc

So I could have stayed in NY this weekend for WordCamp NYC? What gives, @tdhurst? #phxwc

This one is way too smart! RT @tdhurst: I’d rather a preso be too smart to be understood than far too dumb to pay attention to. #phxwc

This is a great presentation by @vegasgeek on creating WP plug-ins. I just wish I understood it. #phxwc

Cool. @vegasgeek has a tattoo that says “Geek”, but doesn’t have one that says “WordPress”. #phxwc

Note: @vegasgeek responded: You totally should have added “yet” to the end of that tweet! #phxwc

This Merlin Mann dude is actually funny. Though enough with ripping off Dana Carvey’s grumpy old man. #phxwc

I feel so inadequate here using Twitter on the web and my blackberry. At least I have a black MacBook. #phxwc – Merlin Mann (@hotdogsladies) at Phoenix WordCamp. #phxwc

Words to live by: Liars don’t prosper. #phxwc

Personal publishing/having a blog in and of itself is not social media. We confuse personal publishing and social media at our peril. #phxwc

Listening to what’s being said, responding and changing. Now that’s social media. #phxwc

“Friend” is not a friend. It’s just a person with an icon. #phxwc

True social media is not natively scalable or proportional. #phxwc

Voice. With Howard Stern you know what you’re getting. Voice is key. #phxwc

You create an editorial voice every time you point someone somewhere else. #phxwc

The problem with expectations is that they get made regardless. You need to manage expectations. #phxwc

If you know who you are, you don’t have to sweat your brand. Your brand is you. #phxwc

You only need to manage your brand when you don’t know who you are. Or you’re not interesting. #phxwc [AMEN]

Here’s the outline from Merlin Mann’s presentation at #phxwc:

Whether you’re just starting out or doing this for a while: give more than you get. Help people. Participate. #phxwc

Listen. Look. Share. Learn. Be with real people. Meet them. Learn from them. #phxwc

Always make time for the people that are the center of what you do. “Friends” are not friends. #phxwc

Oh man I am so doing a Tale of the Tweets for #phxwc.

Don’t just follow the herd. Follow your instincts. Do it as well as you can as often as you can. If it doesn’t work, do something else. #phxwc

Up next: @iboughtamac talking Designing for WordPress. He is high energy. Yowza. #phxwc

Start with a basic WP theme. Get ahold of this stuff and just start playing with it. #thatswhatshesaid #phxwc

Blogs require lots of attention. They’re like a dog. #phxwc

Guy next to me keeps jostling his knee which causes the entire table to shake. Grrrr. #petpeeves

Next up: @Clintus on video blogging. I like Clintus McGintus. Though he is a total attention whore. His words. #phxwc

Ooh! Another @garyvee mention at #phxwc.

Whoa. @Clintus‘ site is I thought at first it was #phxwc

And that’s a wrap from #phxwc. I am in definite need of a drink. #ifonlyiwasntonantibiotics


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