What’s On My TiVo Season Pass?

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TiVo has literally changed my life.

I bought my first TiVo Series 2 back in April 2002 (after I came into some “found money” when Maryland won the NCAA basketball tournament) and haven’t looked back. TiVo has given me freedom to live my life, while also providing unprecedented control. In short, it’s allowed me to manage a pretty nasty television watching habit. Some may call the TiVo an enabler to a tv junkie. Enabler or not, it’s a must.

This man changed my life

And I’ve become a TiVo prosthelytizer. Don’t talk to me about DVRs. DVRs are crap. TiVo is by far the best, most intuitive and easy to use one out there, and worth every penny.

When I decided to step up and upgrade to HDTV for the 2007 Super Bowl, I needed to upgrade my TiVo as well. I’m the proud owner of a souped-up Series 3 HD TiVo which I ordered from weaknees.com. It has an extra-large super-size hard drive for extra recording capacity.

The downside of a super-size TiVo? TiVo stress. I record far too much television and can’t watch it all. And when you factor in baseball, football and basketball? Forget it.

Many of you have asked me what shows I watch. Here’s what’s on my Season Pass right now (Fall 2009). Note that some of my favorite shows will be back after January, so I couldn’t take on too many new shows this fall (yes, Glee, I’m talking to you).

Amanda’s Season Pass: Fall 2009

Sunday: no shows.

I can hear you now: What? No shows on Sunday?  How is this possible? Don’t you watch Curb Your Enthusiasm? Sunday used to be a huge night, but I dropped Curb and with Entourage and Big Love on hiatus, this is a free night for football and catching up on other shows.


How I Met Your Mother: One of the best, most underrated and underappreciated sitcoms. If you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favor and watch. Smart, solid humor and a great cast. This is the ONLY NON-SPORTS show I watch on CBS (except for the occasional Letterman).

The Closer: I just love love love this show. Kyra Sedgwick is fantastic as Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson. It’s a procedural with a heart and brains. It’s a great combination in my book. Thank you very much.

Gossip Girl: Oops. Sorry, that was cut this season.

Why aren't you watching Chuck?

Chuck: This is one of my top 3 favorite shows. Possibly of all time. It was on Mondays at 8. It will come back after the Olympics at a day and time TBD. Wherever it will be, I’ll be watching. I can’t get enough of it. Dorky but adorable lead and hot female co-star. It’s funny, witty and sexy all wrapped into one Chuck-tastic package. Yes please!

24: I know many of you have dropped it, but I still keep coming back to Jack Bauer every January. And he continues to defy the odds. And save the world. Again.


Another relatively light night. I am TiVo’ing V, but haven’t watched yet.

Also, if I decide to watch American Idol next season, it will be on Tuesday nights. Every season I tell myself no more Idol, and yet every season I find myself getting sucked back in. Perhaps the addition of Ellen DeGeneres as a judge (because she’s such an expert in singing, right?) is enough to send me packing once and for all.

Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel: Just an outstanding job of reporting every month.


Lost: When it’s on, it’s one of my few true appointment shows. Unless I’m out of town or dead, I watch this show on Wednesday night. Of course I don’t watch it live. I always wait 15 minutes so I can take full advantage of TiVo commercial skipping.

I’m sampling Modern Family on ABC this fall, but I’m not sold yet. And I tried Glee and dropped it after one episode. It just wasn’t my thing. I know, I know. You all love it. Sorry.

Best new show of the fall..

Thursday (this is the big night)

My TiVo works overtime on Thursday nights.

FlashForward: By far my favorite new show of the fall. It’s got just the right combination of action, conspiracy and sexiness, plus a sense of humor. I’ve really enjoyed it so far and hope it keeps it up through the first season.

Grey’s Anatomy: Yes, it’s admittedly not as good as it was during its phenomenal freshman and sophomore seasons. But damn I still love this show.

The Office: Although it’s often cringe-inducing, the comedy here is fantastic. And the cast is amazing. I only wish it lasted longer. That’s what she said.

30 Rock: Along with HIMYM, my favorite sitcom on the air right now. Smart and sharp, with an amazing cast (yes, that includes Tracy Morgan, of whom I am not a fan), I just love it. And I might – might! – have a teensy girl-crush on Tina Fey.

Project Runway: Oh Project Runway, how I love thee! Tim Gunn, Heidi Klum and some crazy but talented designers makes for fabulous television. Why do I prefer this show to Top Chef (which I don’t watch)? First, I wear clothes. Second, I don’t cook. Third, Tim Gunn. But seriously, there is something so incredible about watching the designers sketch and create a new outfit in one day. And when you see the clothing coming down the runway, you can decide if you’d wear it or burn it. I can’t taste the food on Top Chef, no matter how exciting. And did I mention I don’t cook?


Friday Night Lights...on Friday night

Friday Night Lights:  This is one of the best shows ever made. Why is nobody watching it? Because they missed the mark by targeting sports fans at first. This show is not about sports. It’s about relationships, lives and people, and football just happens to be the backdrop. It also features one of the most realistic marriages ever depicted on TV between Coach Taylor (Kyle Chandler) and his wife Tami (Connie Britton) (not that I’m married but all my married friends say it’s completely realistic). Not to say that sports fans won’t like it (I love it), but even if you’re not a sports fan, do yourself a favor and rent the DVDs. Oh, and there’s also some nice eye candy for the ladies in the form of one Tim Riggins (Taylor Kitsch).

Ugly Betty: ABC recently moved Ugly Betty to Friday night after several seasons on Thursday at 8. I don’t know how the numbers are looking, but this show is always smart and funny. Plus I recently saw Marc St. James (Michael Urie) in the lobby of my old building.


Saturday is reserved for college football and TiVo catch-up. I will occasionally record Saturday Night Live, but I usually just watch Weekend Update, the Digital Short and then delete it.

I watch The Daily Show (where else would I get my news?) and SportsCenter every night, though I don’t have actual season passes set for them. And yes, even though I no longer work at ESPN, I will continue to watch SportsCenter.

Some of my all-time favorite shows aren’t on anymore, notably The Wire and Veronica Mars. I also loved The Simpsons from about 1991-2000, but stopped watching it several years ago.

So there you have it.  Let me know what you think of my shows. And tell me what’s on your season pass.


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5 Responses to “What’s On My TiVo Season Pass?”

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Please tell me that the only reason Mad Men isn’t on your list is because it’s on hiatus. If you do, I’ll try to forgive the cutting of Glee and Gossip Girl. No Good Wife either? Do you have something against the letter G that we or Gatorade should know about? 🙂

Mad Men isn’t on the list because I never got into it. One of these days I’ll watch all the episode in a marathon.

As for Gossip Girl, I stuck with it until a few episodes in this season. It wasn’t working for me.

And Glee was probably cut too quickly, but I got so far behind that I knew I’d never catch up!

Amanda – – I totally agree with you about “Flash Forward”…I’d also recommend checking out “The League” on Thursdays after “It’s Always Sunny…” – – it’s typical “guy” humor, but I think you can handle it.

The League is currently on the TiVo, but haven’t watched. I’m an avid fantasy football player, so I hope I’ll enjoy it. Thanks for the tip!

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