The Yankees’ Lucky Charm: 2009 in Review

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As you’ve probably already heard, this 2009 season has been pretty remarkable for me and my boys in the Bronx. In fact, when I am in attendance (and Sergio Mitre does not start – important caveat), the Yankees are undefeated in both the regular season and the playoffs. Of my 14 wins at the Stadium, 7 of those wins (that’s half!) have come in games following a loss the previous game.
Is it me? The lucky jeans? (note: they’re not Lucky brand jeans; they’re just lucky jeans, though I do have Lucky jeans, which aren’t necessary lucky. Get it?) The lucky shirt? The lucky shoes? Nobody knows for sure, but one thing we do know is that the Yankees’ excellent pitching and hitting clearly are secondary to my lucky charms.
The Legend of The Streak
I started off this season with a stunning 10-0 record at the Stadium — aka “The Streak” — before a September 15 loss (stupid Mitre) to the Blue Jays ended it. It should be noted that I was not planning to go to that game until I was offered a ticket by a friend. I knew that The Streak was in serious jeopardy (Mitre v. Halladay? this would not end well) but could not justify turning down a ticket for a game to save The Streak.Since then, the baseball gods have rewarded me. I’m 4-0 at the Stadium, and 3-0 in the postseason (1-0 ALDS, 2-0 ALCS). As this has become a recurring theme, I put together basic information from each game I’ve attended. Oh, did I mention that I’ve also gone to see the Yankees at Seattle and Toronto this season? Yeah, I’m committed. All information courtesy of the invaluable website
*Caveat: note that I had a perfect record for as long as I did because I did not attend Opening Day at the new Yankee Stadium. You may recall (and probably want to forget) that the Yankees were unceremoniously crushed by the hapless Indians, 10-2.
Here is the evidence of my lucky charms.
Game 1: Sunday, April 19 v. Cleveland
This game followed the infamous Bronx Massacre the day before, a 22-4 beatdown by Cleveland.
Starters: A.J. Burnett v. C. Pavano
Final score: Yankees 7, Indians 3
Win: Albaladejo
The Streak: 1-0 at the Stadium (and the first of several wins following a loss the previous game)
Game 2: Monday, May 18 v. Minnesota
This game capped a 4 game sweep of the Twins following 3 consecutive walk-off wins by the Yankees
Starters: Pettitte v. Perkins
Final score: Yankees 7, Twins 6
Win: Pettitte
Save: Coke
The Streak: 2-0 at the Stadium
Game 3: Sunday, June 7 v. Tampa Bay
Starters: Joba v. Garza
Final score: Yankees 4, Rays 3
Win: Aceves
Save: Rivera
The Streak: 3-0 at the Stadium (2nd win following a loss the previous game)
Game 4: Friday, July 3 v. Toronto
Starters: Burnett v. Tallett
Final score: Yankees 4, Rays 2
Win: Burnett
Save: Mariano
The Streak: 4-0 at the Stadium (3rd win following a loss the previous game)
Game 5: Saturday, July 18 v. Detroit
Starters: CC v. Verlander (what a match-up!)
Final score: Yankees 2, Tigers 1
Win: Sabathia
Save: Rivera
The Streak: 5-0 at the Stadium
Game 6: Sunday, July 26 v. Oakland
Starters: Mitre (NOOOOO!) v. Braden
Final score: Yankees 7, A’s 5
Win: Coke
Save: Rivera
The Streak: 6-0 at the Stadium (4th win following a loss the previous game)
Mitre did not get the win, but he started the game. And the Yankees still won.
Game 7: Thursday, August 6 v. Boston
Starters: Joba v. Smoltz (this was Smoltz’s last appearance for the Red Sox)
Final score: Yankees 13, Red Sox 6
Win: Joba
The Streak: 7-0 at the Stadium
Game 8: Thursday, August 13 at Seattle
Starters: CC v. Snell
Final score: Yankees 11, Mariners 1
Win: Sabathia
The Streak: 8-0 overall (7-0 at Stadium)
Game 9: Saturday, August 15 at Seattle
Starters: Mitre v. French
Final score: Yankees 5, Mariners 2
Win: Mitre (yes, you read that right)
Save: Mariano
The Streak: 9-0 overall (7-0 at Stadium)
Game 10: Wednesday, August 26 v. Texas
Starters: Pettitte v. Holland
Final score: Yankees 9, Rangers 2
Win: Pettitte
The Streak: 10-0 overall (8-0 at Stadium) (5th win following a loss the previous game)
Game 11: Saturday, August 29 v. White Sox
Starters: Mitre v. Contreras (ayayayayay)
Final score: Yankees 10, White Sox 0
Win: Mitre (Mitre and Gaudin combined on 1 hit shutout)
The Streak: 11-0 overall (9-0 at Stadium)
Game 12: Sunday, September 6 at Toronto
Starters: Mitre v. Tallett
Final score: Bluejays 14, Yankees 8
Win: Tallett
The Streak: 11-1 overall (9-0 at Stadium).
* Streak still intact in the United States
Game 13: Sunday, September 13 v. Baltimore
Starters: CC v. Guthrie
Final score: Yankees 13, Orioles 3
Win: Sabathia
The Streak: 12-1 overall (10-0 at Stadium) (6th win following a loss the previous game)
Game 14: Tuesday, September 15 v. Toronto
Starters: Mitre v. Halladay (this was not going to end well)
Final score: Bluejays 10, Yankees 4
Win: Halladay
The Record (the Streak ended): 12-2 overall (10-1 at Stadium)
Game 15: Saturday, September 26 v. Boston
Starters: CC v, Dice-K
Final score: Yankees 3, Red Sox 0
Win: Sabathia
The Record: 13-2 overall (11-1 at Stadium)
Game 16: Friday, October 9 v. Minnesota – ALDS Game 2
Starters: AJ Burnett v. Blackburn
Final score: Yankees 4, Twins 3 – 11 innings
Win: Robertson
The Record: 14-2 overall (12-1 at Stadium)
* My first pie game! A-Rod hits 2 run game-tying home run in bottom of 9th off Nathan. Teixeira hits solo home run in bottom of 11th off Mijares to win it.
Game 17: Friday, October 16 v. Angels – ALCS Game 1
Starters: CC v. Lackey
Final score: Yankees 4, Angels 1
Win: Sabathia
Save: Rivera
The Record: 15-2 overall (13-1 at Stadium)

Game 18: Sunday, October 25 v. Angels – ALCS Game 6 – The Clincher!
Starters: Andy Pettitte v. Joe Saunders
Final score: Yankees 5, Angels 2
Win: Andy
Save: Rivera
The Record: 16-2 overall (14-1 at Stadium) (7th win following a loss the previous game)
Pettitte was simply awesome. The Yankees got clutch hits. Mo got the 6 out save. Click here for some pictures and video from the ALCS clincher.
Game 19: Wednesday, October 28 v. Phillies – World Series Game 1
Starters: CC v. Cliff Lee
Final score: Phillies 6, Yankees 1
Win: Cliff Lee
Save: N/A – Lee pitched a complete game
The Record: 16-3 overall (14-2 at Stadium)
This is the most painful blog update. Cliff Lee was fantastic. 10 strikeouts, zero walks, one unearned run. Yankee batters (except Jeter of course) were off balance all night. He owned them.
Game 20: Thursday, October 29 v. Phillies – World Series Game 2
Starters: AJ Burnett v. Pedro Martinez
Final score: Yankee 3, Phillies 1
Win: AJ Burnett
Save: Mariano (6 out save)
The Record: 17-3 overall (15-2 at Stadium) (8th win following a loss the previous game)
I didn’t wear the original lucky shirt. I wore the new lucky shirt (it’s just like the old lucky shirt but a crew neck instead of a v-neck) which I bought at the Stadium store after the Game 1 loss. See what I did there? Turned the luck around. For more, read this.
And oh, btw, the Yankees won the World Series. And the city of New York threw a parade on my birthday. And I got to go. This was a really really good year.

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