Tale of the Tweets: Yankees World Series Victory (and Birthday) Celebration Edition

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Just because the World Series is over doesn’t mean we can’t bring back the Tale of the Tweets. I’ve pulled all the tweets from today’s Yankees parade and Victory Celebration at City Hall and put them into one nice post. See how easy and fun this is?  Enjoy.

One quick note: I didn’t actually see the parade. I had to fight my way through the insanity that was the parade crowds in order to get my ticket to the City Hall celebration. I thought I was going to die from overcrowding. No joke. It was a total and complete nightmare. Once I got into City Hall, it was all good. I staked out a great spot in the center but towards the back when I befriended the crew guys working the camera hoist. No, not in that way. Come on. And with my 10x zoom camera, I was able to take some great pictures, which you can find here.

All in all, an amazing way to celebrate the Yankees. And my birthday (did I mention it was my birthday?)

Without further ado, here is the Tale of the Tweets: Yankees World Series Victory (and Birthday) Celebration Edition

There are no words to describe the nightmare clusterf$*k that is downtown Manhattan right now. No. Words.


A parade on my birthday? Oh, New York, you shouldn’t have.


– At City Hall for Yankees Victory ceremony.


Cotton Eye Joe on PA system at City Hall. Really? Hasn’t he tortured us enough?


The crowd is getting restless here at City Hall. I Got A Feeling playing on pa now.


Really, New York, you didn’t have to go to so much trouble for little old me today.


Reggie, Yogi, Michael Kay, John and Suzyn all gathered on stage.


Chuck Schumer in the house. Shocker.


Rudy in the house. Even more shocking.


Not yet! But could happen. 🙂 RT @runner_23 @amandarykoff Did the crowd break out into “happy birthday” yet?


Kay congratulates Bloomberg on re-election. Crowd boos.


– Yankees on City Hall stage


Sergio Mitre gets a key to the city. And I am here to witness it.


Jay-Z took a picture with the trophy. And that’s a wrap from City Hall.


If only Jay-Z had sung Happy Birthday instead of Empire State of Mind. Otherwise, not a bad way to celebrate.



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