World Series Game 3: Tale of the (Trick or) Tweets

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Once again, here are all my tweets from World Series Game 3 on Halloween night. I did not travel to Philadelphia (though many people thought I would make the easy trip down the turnpike).

Instead, I watched at Blondie’s on the Upper West Side with a great group of Yankee fans, including @rebecca_glass, @stefmara, @schwartzslaw, @bkabak, @larry_koestler, @emmaspan and @sarapepitone. If you want to see pictures from the evening, they’re up on Flickr. Nothing too incriminating. The most popular costume on this Halloween was “Yankee fan”.

I provide the same disclaimer on this recurring feature. This is not about a recap or analysis. If you’re looking for that, I commend you to many of the other Yankees blogs that can provide that, including This Purist Wears Pinstripes, River Avenue Blues (recap courtesy of Ben Kabak) and Yankeeist. I do this tweet recap more for myself to memorialize the “of the moment” thoughts, but you fine folks seem to enjoy it as well.

Freddy Sez

Freddy "Sez"

In terms of the game, it was a typical Yankees win. Down early, but gritty pitching from Andy after a rough start and home runs from A-Rod (his first World Series home run, not without controversy, of course), Swisher and Matsui, got us the lead. The great Mariano Rivera retired the last two Phillies, including Jimmy Rollins to end it. Oh, and the Yankees now have a 2-1 series lead.

Without further ado, I present World Series Game 3: Tale of the Tweets.

It’s a baseball watching Halloween at the bar

Music at bar during rain delay: Empire State of Mind, Yankee Mambo, Baba O’Reilly, I Got a Feeling. #yankees

Damn straight. RT @sarapepitone @amandarykoff won’t let anyone drink yuengling since it’s from pa, @bkabak agrees

RT @bcollinsmn During rain delay, Fox is showing The Cleveland Show, the closest Cleveland is going to get to the World Series

More music during rain delay: I Wanna Rock, Welcome to the Jungle, NY NY (too soon), November Rain.

Want to see my Halloween costume?

Nice analysis from Captain Obvious RT @bkabak Pettitte’s missing his spots big time tonight. /obvious

It’s 10 pm. Do you know where Andy Pettitte’s curveball is?

Entire bar is chanting “Home run! Home run! Home run!”

So A-Rod has only hit 6 home runs this post season? What has he done for us lately?

Gee. Who could it be? RT @bkabak So what idiot decided to put a camera hanging over the field in play in fair territory anyway?

That was pretty freakin’ Awesome Andy.

Sacrifices must be made. No Yuengling during the World Series.

Damn. Cole Hamels folding like a cheap tent.

Bars are fun! RT @rebecca_glass That was amazing i need to watch games in bars more often

Nice work. RT @jessespector Last former WS MVP to give up RBI to pitcher in a WS: Whitey Ford, 1B by Ray Sadecki, G1, 1964.

The bar went absolutely nuts for Swisher. Mohawk Nation is strong!

YMCA playing now. Just like we’re at the Stadium. #loveit

Hey @jonahkeri, @bkabak says hi. We miss you at this tweetup. But we understand you have some other things going on.

You’re in good hands with Posada. #insurance #seewhatididthere

7th inning music at the bar: God Bless America, Take Me Out to the Ball Game, Glory Days.

Happy 8th Anniversary Mr. November.

STFU RT @SheFanJane Hey, Jimmy Rollins. Your crowd is how loud again?

Now playing: Cotton Eye Joe. Make of that what you will.

Damaso Marte is in and I’m not sneezing. Interesting.

Is there anything less fun than “fun size”?

What? Cold? Raining? Miserable? Stay. It’s the World Series. RT @bigleaguestew Good amount of empty blue seats here at The Bank.

What was that about peanut M&Ms? Does Joe Buck read my tweets?

Now playing: Enter Sandman. But you probably knew that. [Note: excellent picture of Rebecca Glass playing air guitar, courtesy of @Stefmara]

Entire bar singing New York New York. I heart NY. [for video, courtesy of Rebecca Glass, click here]


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