Tale of the Tweets: World Series Game 2

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Once again, here are all my tweets from World Series Game 2 at Yankee Stadium. Look, I do this for myself, but if you want to take a look, be my guest. Oh, in terms of the game, I’ll put together a brief recap later, but you can also check out this post from Rebecca Glass at This Purist Bleeds Pinstripes. (in which I’m mentioned a few times, ahem).  Bottom line: AJ dominated, Pedro was good but not good enough, Mariano was Mariano, Teixeira and Matsui homered, and the Yankees won 3-1. It was also my 8th win this season in a game following a loss.

Without further ado, I present the Tale of the Tweets: World Series Game 2.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your conductor. Let’s go Yankees.

Paul O’Neill throws out first pitch. Charlie Hayes delivers game ball. Yankees pulling out all the stops.

I am sitting directly behind home plate 400 level 3rd row. I can call balls and strikes from here.

Crowd alternating between Let’s Go Yankees, Derek Jeter and Who’s Your Daddy chants.

Holy cow Ibanez. I did not know he had that range. And he probably didn’t know either.

When was Pedro’s last appearance at the (old) Stadium? Game 7 2003 ALCS?

Thanks all for the Pedro info. Now let’s make him wish he’d never come back.

Mid-game change our luck tweet-up with @rebecca_glass and @bniche.

It worked!!!!!! Teixeira!!!!! Mid-game change our luck tweet-up with @rebecca_glass and @bniche.

Johnny Damon. Buzzkill.

Back at the seats for Matsui. It is all good. #yankees

Everybody in my section was on their feet for that last half inning. High fives all around. It was awesome. I love this place.

Oh man. Once again, we just went thermonuclear. (h/t @schwartzslaw)

I love Mariano Rivera. Can I just say that? Viva leverage! (@rebecca_glass)

Oh what a difference a day makes. Nobody leaving early.

On. Our. Feet.

The lucky shirt is dead. Long live the lucky shirt. Yeah baby. #yankees

Good things happen when I am at Game 2s started by AJ. Coincidence?

Yankee fan wearing a red jacket. Told him he needs to get a navy jacket for games. He laughed. And got the message.


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