Tale of the Tweets: World Series Game 1

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Due to technical difficulties from the Stadium during Game 1 (the cell towers couldn’t have been overloaded, right?), I couldn’t post all my updates to Posterous, Twitter and Facebook. So, here are all my tweets during the Phillies 6-1 win over the Yankees, starting with the first optimistic post to the last.

Me, my lucky jeans, shirt, shoes and hat are all off to the Stadium for Game 1. Woo-hoo!

Dude on subway had Empire State of Mind blasting on the iPod. Definite good sign.

Yankees BP before World Series Game 1 http://post.ly/Airp

And equal time for Phillies BP at the Stadium http://post.ly/Aj49

Great pregame tweetup with @schwartzslaw @paulculliford @jaydestro @gcf123 @stefmara @TheBigM. Go Yankees!

I was at the last World Series game at the old Stadium and now I’m at the first Series game at the new House.

Well that was an impressive half inning for Lee. Damn.

It is cold, wet and pretty nasty out. And I really don’t care. Oh, and Rollins? This isn’t CBP.

Unfortunately, I got a perfect picture of Chase Utley crossing home plate after that home run. Grump.

I can’t twitpic from the game, so you’ll have to wait until I’ve uploaded and posted the pics.

Spotted guy in Expos hat. Took a picture for @jonahkeri and @jessespector.

I know Cliff Lee was sent to the minors 2 years ago. How was that possible?

And I have held out as long as possible. The final layer is on. And the jacket is zipped. #itscold

No photo of that Utley hr b/c I was away from my seat. And ran into a friend. Of course.

The rally peanut M&Ms have been secured.

I am still undefeated in the cap game.

I really would like to muzzle the Phillies fan behind me. STFU. Seriously. Stop. Talking.

And we’re on our feet at the Stadium for Damaso Marte. #11wordsineverthoughtidtype

Back to back Bernie sightings! Bernie in the House tonight. Much chanting and cheering ensued.


Dear girl with pink world series knit cap and pink purse fixing your hair: please step away from the sink. Thanks.

Oh dear god it’s cold up here in the 400’s. So cold I can barely type this update to say Bruney you are terrible.

Oh I would like to leave b/c I am freezing. But I do not leave games early. Period. End of story. Oh, Bruney sucks.

And Cliff Lee on the mound in the 9th to finish this mf off. Wow.

I need my 10x zoom on the camera to see Lee’s microscopic .56 postseason ERA. (Jinx?)

Hey look! Cliff Lee’s postseason ERA has ballooned to .83! [NOTE: the Yankee scoreboard showed Lee’s ERA went from .56 to .83. The run was unearned, so it should not have impacted his ERA, which I think is now .53]

I’m sorry I let you all down tonight. Clearly my lucky charms are no match for Cliff Lee’s changeup.


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